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Latest papers

State transformation and China’s engagement in global governance: the case of nuclear technologies
Pacific Review 2019-05-23

‘A tender gourd among the cactus’. Making sense of Myanmar’s alignment policies through the lens of strategic culture
Pacific Review 2019-05-21

ASEAN sceptics versus ASEAN proponents: evaluating regional institutions
Pacific Review 2019-05-21

Is China’s rise now stalling?
Pacific Review 2019-04-26

The patterns of state-firm coordination in China’s private sector internationalization: China’s mergers and acquisitions in Southeast Asia
Pacific Review 2019-04-23

The nexus of security and economic hedging: Vietnam’s strategic response to Japan–China infrastructure financing competition
Pacific Review 2019-04-23

Institutional collapse and shifting balance of ontological security: role of Malaysia’s dual identity in the decay of ASPAC in the 1960s and 1970s
Pacific Review 2019-04-15

Trump power: Maximum pressure and China’s sanctions enforcement against North Korea
Pacific Review 2019-04-02

Between East and West: Japanese IR at a crossroads
Pacific Review 2019-04-02

China, the United States, and order transition in East Asia: An economy-security Nexus approach
Pacific Review 2019-04-02

Taiwan’s ‘people-centered’ New Southbound Policy and its impact on US–Taiwan relations
Pacific Review 2019-04-02

Building the belt and road initiative? – practices en route
Pacific Review 2019-03-28

China’s status deficit and the debut of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Pacific Review 2019-03-28

The politics of Chinese tourism in South Korea: political economy, state-society relations, and international security
Pacific Review 2019-03-19

China’s long March at sea: explaining Beijing’s South China sea strategy, 2009–2016
Pacific Review 2019-03-19

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