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Category: Political Science

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Latest papers

From Receding to Reseeding: Industrial Policy, Governance Strategies and Neoliberal Resilience in Post-crisis Britain
New Political Economy 2019-06-05

Getting the Resilience Right: Climate Change and Development Policy in the ‘African Age’
New Political Economy 2019-06-05

Market Power and Marketisation: Japan and China's Impact on the Iron Ore Market, 50 Years Apart
New Political Economy 2019-05-14

The 2014–15 Financial Crisis in Russia and the Foundations of Weak Monetary Power Autonomy in the International Political Economy
New Political Economy 2019-05-14

Transnational Depoliticisation and Industrial Policy: The European Commission and French Steel (1980–1984)
New Political Economy 2019-05-14

The Lure of Ill-Fitting Unemployment Statistics: How South Africa’s Discouraged Work Seekers Disappeared From the Unemployment Rate
New Political Economy 2019-05-14

Variegated Finance Capital and the Political Economy of Islamic Banking in the Gulf
New Political Economy 2019-05-14

State Actors, Market Games: Credit Guarantees and the Funding of China Development Bank
New Political Economy 2019-05-14

Gig Work and the Discourse of Autonomy: Fictitious Freedom in Japan’s Digital Economy
New Political Economy 2019-05-14

Is Green Growth Possible?
New Political Economy 2019-04-18

Deviant Debt: Reputation, Litigation, and Outlier Effects in Argentina's Debt Restructuring Saga
New Political Economy 2019-04-11

Neostructuralism and Its Class Character in the Political Economy of Bolivia Under Evo Morales
New Political Economy 2019-04-05

New Lines Within the European Civil Society Mobilizations Against the TTIP
New Political Economy 2019-04-02

Governing Refugee Disposability: Neoliberalism and Survival in Nairobi
New Political Economy 2019-03-29

The Political Economy of Populist Rule in Post-Crisis Europe: Hungary and Poland
New Political Economy 2019-03-29

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