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Category: Political Science

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Latest papers

Teaming Up? China, India and Brazil and the Issue of Benefit-Sharing from Genetic Resource Use
New Political Economy 2019-03-25

From Knowledge Economy to Automation Anxiety: A Growth Regime in Crisis?
New Political Economy 2019-03-18

Five Little B(R)ICS: Huffing and Puffing, but not Blowing Your House in
New Political Economy 2019-03-15

The Shape of ‘Rising Powers’ to Come? The Antinomies of Growth and Neoliberal Development in Turkey
New Political Economy 2019-03-15

Rising Powers in Complex Regimes: South African Norm Shopping in the Governance of Cross-Border Investment
New Political Economy 2019-03-11

Insider and Outsider Strategies of Influence: The BRICS’ Dualistic Approach Towards Informal Institutions
New Political Economy 2019-03-08

The BRICs and International Tax Governance: The Case of Automatic Exchange of Information
New Political Economy 2019-03-06

The Social Contradictions of Regional Development in the ALBA-TCP: The Case of Food Production
New Political Economy 2019-03-06

Framing Solidarity in the Euro Crisis: A Comparison of the German and Irish Media Discourse
New Political Economy 2019-03-06

The European Investment Bank as Policy Entrepreneur and the Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships
New Political Economy 2019-03-06

Why is China a Reluctant Leader of the World Trade Organization?
New Political Economy 2019-03-01

Green Capital Accumulation: Business and Sustainability Management in a World of Global Value Chains
New Political Economy 2019-02-21

The Monetary and Financial Powers of States: Theory, Dataset, and Observations on the Trajectory of American Dominance
New Political Economy 2019-02-15

Financialisation, Welfare Retrenchment and Subsistence Debt in Britain
New Political Economy 2019-02-04

Not Just Another Shadow Bank: Chinese Authoritarian Capitalism and the ‘Developmental’ Promise of Digital Financial Innovation
New Political Economy 2019-01-31

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