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Founded in: 1968
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Latest papers

Landscape perception: linking physical monitoring data to perceived landscape properties
Landscape Research 2019-05-24

Designing sustainable urban landscape and meeting the challenge of climate change: a study of plant species adaptation and fitness under different climate change scenarios in public landscape of UK
Landscape Research 2019-05-17

Contested landscapes: territorial conflicts and the production of different ruralities in Brazil
Landscape Research 2019-04-24

Colour in the city: a chromatic typology for the quantitative analysis of spatial coherence
Landscape Research 2019-04-16

The effect of landscape colour, complexity and preference on viewing behaviour
Landscape Research 2019-04-15

Wadis as dryland river parks: challenges and opportunities in designing with hydro-ecological dynamics
Landscape Research 2019-03-31

Changing landscape identity—practice, plurality, and power
Landscape Research 2019-03-29

Politicising the landscape: a theoretical contribution towards the development of participation in landscape planning
Landscape Research 2019-03-28

Chronotope as a framework for landscape experience analysis
Landscape Research 2019-03-27

Possibilities and limitations of passive restoration of heavily disturbed sites
Landscape Research 2019-03-27

Mire landscapes in Estonian fiction and identity
Landscape Research 2019-03-25

What matters to people? Exploring contents of landscape identity at the local scale
Landscape Research 2019-03-20

Cultural landscape meanings. The case of West Lake, Hangzhou, China
Landscape Research 2019-03-16

Universal heritage value, community identities and world heritage: forms, functions, processes and context at a changing Mt Fuji
Landscape Research 2019-03-16

Between a dog and a green space: applying ecosystem services theory to explore the human benefits of off-the-leash dog parks
Landscape Research 2019-03-16

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