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Latest papers

Memory and the Return of History in a Settler-Colonial Context: The Case of the Palestinians in Israel
Interventions 2019-01-04

A portrait of a Japanese history Professor at Keijo Imperial University, Korea
Interventions 2019-01-03

Shades of Denial: Australian Responses to Foreign Possession and Dispossession
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Gendering Hybridity: The Womb as Site of Production in Globalization
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A postcolonial framing of international commercial gestational surrogacy in India
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Religious Beef: Dalit Literature, Bare Life, and Cow Protection in India
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Dismantling the Villa in the Jungle: Matzpen, Zochrot, and the Whitening of Israel
Interventions 2018-12-18

The Postcolonial Meridian: Migration and Identity in Today's France
Interventions 2018-12-18

Settler Colonialism and the Logic of Double Elimination
Interventions 2018-12-18

Ecofeminism and Pakistani Anglophone Literature
Interventions 2018-12-18

Colonial Memories and Contemporary Narratives from the Rif. Spanishness, Amazighness, and Moroccaness seen from Al-Hoceima and Spain
Interventions 2018-12-13

“I Hate to Pull a Bullet out of My Body”: Crisis-ridden Men and Postcolonial Identity in Wong Kar-wai's Cinematic Hong Kong
Interventions 2018-12-12

Accented Style: On Namewee’s Sinophone Malaysian Film and Rap Songs
Interventions 2018-12-11

Student Migrants and the Diasporic Imagination: Educational Migration, Nationhood, and the Making of Indian Diaspora in the United States
Interventions 2018-11-27

Israel-Palestine Through a Settler-Colonial Studies Lens
Interventions 2018-11-20

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