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Founded in: 1998
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Category: History

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     Average: 1.1
     Median: 2
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     Average: 34
     Median: 30

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Latest papers

Escaping the Nation in the Middle East: A Doomed Project? Fanonian Decolonisation and the Muslim Brotherhood
Interventions 2019-04-08

Death and Mourning in Contemporary Iraqi Texts
Interventions 2019-04-04

Kafka, the Caribbean, and the Holocaust
Interventions 2019-03-28

The Missing Second World: On Poland and Postcolonial Studies
Interventions 2019-03-28

Walking with Lips Raining Fire and Love! Arab Poets’ Testimony to the World
Interventions 2019-03-25

Media satyagraha in the broadcast age: underground literature and populist politics during the Indian internal emergency of 1975–1977
Interventions 2019-03-22

Reading Mbembe
Interventions 2019-03-20

Old Boys and Badmen: Private Security in (Post)Colonial Jamaica
Interventions 2019-03-19

Making Concrete Speak: Postcolonial Graffiti, European Secularism and Art Stars as Improvised Delegates
Interventions 2019-03-19

Writing agential landscapes: making history through materiality in the poetry of Derek Walcott and Audre Lorde
Interventions 2019-03-18

How we fight: Anticolonial imaginaries and the question of national liberation in the algerian war
Interventions 2019-03-18

Decolonizing history and depoliticizing territory: Raja Shehadeh’s Palestinian walks: Notes on a vanishing landscape
Interventions 2019-03-18

Tensions, ambiguities, and connectivity in Kwame Nkrumah: Rethinking the “National” in postcolonial nationalism
Interventions 2019-03-18

Beyond colonial entrapment: The challenges of Puerto Rican “National consciousness” in times of Promesa
Interventions 2019-03-18

Hobbesian instinctual reason versus rousseau’s instinctual innocence: Backstage logic of colonial expansions and origin of the left–right political dichotomy
Interventions 2019-03-15

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