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Fostering entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems: lessons learned from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology
Innovation 2019-06-24

Social capital, personal values and economic development: effect on innovation. An international analysis
Innovation 2019-06-10

How the Bologna process has affected the German university system
Innovation 2019-05-07

Universities of applied sciences in Germany: the winners of “Bologna”?
Innovation 2019-05-06

Smart growth in less developed regions – the role of EU structural funds on the example of Poland
Innovation 2019-05-03

How to cope with the rise of populism in Europe
Innovation 2019-04-23

From Silicon Valley to Africa Valley: which paradigms are needed in the transition from II to IV industrial revolution? Knowledge roadmap and technological track
Innovation 2019-04-03

Policy-making for the diffusion of social innovations: the case of the Barnahus model in the Nordic region and the broader European context
Innovation 2019-04-01

Bologna and student mobility: a fuzzy relationship
Innovation 2019-03-29

The Bologna process in European and post-Soviet higher education: institutional legacies and policy adoption
Innovation 2019-03-28

Leadership struggles and challenges for diaspora policies: a case study of the Polish institutional system
Innovation 2019-03-27

20 years of Bologna - a story of success, a story of failure
Innovation 2019-03-27

Challenging traditional energy settings in the humanitarian aid: experiences from Doctors Without Borders
Innovation 2019-03-22

Social service innovation and welfare recalibration: a case study of a local training to work trajectory in Belgium
Innovation 2019-03-22

Challenges to inclusive education at the university: the perspective of students and disability support service staff
Innovation 2019-02-12

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