Nations and Nationalism

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Latest papers

Nationalism, party political discourse and Scottish independence: comparing discursive visions of Scotland's constitutional status
Nations and Nationalism 2019-06-07

Investigating everyday acts of contributing as ‘admission tickets’ to belong to the nation in Norway
Nations and Nationalism 2019-06-07

Populism and nationalism
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-30

Reconfiguring the French nation: Public debates on the Left and national identity
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-17

The Thai Lao – Thailand's largest unrecognized transboundary national ethnicity
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-16

‘ Sistem te laže! ’: the anti‐ruling class mobilisation of high school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-15

Kinned to be Norwegian : transnational adoptees' positioning in relation to whiteness and the negotiation of nationhood
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-13

TarasKuzio, Putin's War Against Ukraine: Revolution, Nationalism, and Crime. CreateSpace independent publishing platform, 2017. 490 pp. £12.00 (pbk).
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-05

Introduction to the 2018 ASEN Conference Themed Section
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-05

What kind of nationalism sets the radical right and its electorate apart from the rest? Pride in the nation's history as part of nationalist nostalgia
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-05

YaacovYadgar, Sovereign Jews: Israel, Zionism, and Judaism. Albany: SUNY Press, 2017.288 pp. $23.95 (pbk), $85 (hbk).
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-05

Ethno‐traditional nationalism and the challenge of immigration
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-05

What is new and what is nationalist about Europe's new nationalism? Explaining the rise of the far right in Europe
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-05

Identity and immigration: what we think we know, and why we might not actually know it
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-05

GillesDorronsoro and OlivierGrojean (eds.), Identity, Conflict and Politics in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. London: Hurst & Copany, 2018.282 pp. £65 (hbk).
Nations and Nationalism 2019-04-05

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