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Latest papers

Norms, institutions and freedom of speech in the US, the UK and Australia
Journal of Public Policy 2019-06-25

Holding agencies accountable: Exploring the effect of oversight on citizens’ approval of members of Congress
Journal of Public Policy 2019-06-19

The polarisation of energy policy in the US Congress
Journal of Public Policy 2019-06-18

Making energy personal: policy coordination challenges in UK smart meter implementation
Journal of Public Policy 2019-06-13

It could happen to you: how perceptions of personal risk shape support for social welfare policy in the American States
Journal of Public Policy 2019-05-31

Who feeds information to regulators? Stakeholder diversity in European Union regulatory agency consultations
Journal of Public Policy 2019-05-28

Bargaining over maternity pay: evidence from UK universities
Journal of Public Policy 2019-05-07

Regulatory policy entrepreneurship and reforms: a comparison of competition and financial regulation
Journal of Public Policy 2019-04-29

The advantage of paradigmatic contestation in shaping and selling public policies
Journal of Public Policy 2019-03-28

Politics or management? Analysing differences in local implementation performance of the EU Ambient Air Quality directive
Journal of Public Policy 2019-03-06

Do policy instruments matter? Governments’ choice of policy mix and higher education performance in Western Europe
Journal of Public Policy 2019-03-06

Policy feedback in the local context: analysing fairness perceptions of public childcare fees in a German town
Journal of Public Policy 2019-02-22

Public preferences for Zika policy and responsibility in the absence of partisan cues
Journal of Public Policy 2019-02-18

The evolution of public policy attitudes: comparing the mechanisms of policy support across the stages of a policy cycle
Journal of Public Policy 2019-02-18

Speaking truth to power: political advisers’ and civil servants’ responses to perceived harmful policy proposals
Journal of Public Policy 2019-02-06

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