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Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Founded in: 1981
URL: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-public-policy
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Category: Political Science

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Latest papers

Do policy instruments matter? Governments’ choice of policy mix and higher education performance in Western Europe
Journal of Public Policy 2019-03-06

Politics or management? Analysing differences in local implementation performance of the EU Ambient Air Quality directive
Journal of Public Policy 2019-03-06

Policy feedback in the local context: analysing fairness perceptions of public childcare fees in a German town
Journal of Public Policy 2019-02-22

The evolution of public policy attitudes: comparing the mechanisms of policy support across the stages of a policy cycle
Journal of Public Policy 2019-02-18

Public preferences for Zika policy and responsibility in the absence of partisan cues
Journal of Public Policy 2019-02-18

Speaking truth to power: political advisers’ and civil servants’ responses to perceived harmful policy proposals
Journal of Public Policy 2019-02-06

What’s fair? Preferences for tax progressivity in the wake of the financial crisis
Journal of Public Policy 2019-01-31

Appointments and attrition: time and executive disadvantage in the appointments process
Journal of Public Policy 2019-01-09

Can policy forums overcome echo chamber effects by enabling policy learning? Evidence from the Irish climate change policy network – CORRIGENDUM
Journal of Public Policy 2018-11-23

Congress as theatre: how advocates use ambiguity for political advantage
Journal of Public Policy 2018-11-20

Party government and policy responsiveness. Evidence from three parliamentary democracies
Journal of Public Policy 2018-11-19

Congressional capacity and the abolition of legislative service organizations
Journal of Public Policy 2018-11-15

How bureaucratic leadership shapes policy outcomes: partisan politics and affluent citizens’ incomes in the American states
Journal of Public Policy 2018-11-13

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