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Tailored polities in the shadow of the state’s hierarchy. The CLLD implementation and a future research agenda
European Planning Studies 2019-01-21

Are the reasons for companies to locate around central versus peripheral high-speed rail stations different? The cases of Reims central station and Champagne-Ardenne station
European Planning Studies 2019-01-21

On evolutionary economic geography: a literature review using bibliometric analysis
European Planning Studies 2019-01-21

Do behaviours in cultural markets affect economic resilience? An analysis of Italian regions
European Planning Studies 2019-01-17

Regional heterogeneity in Taiwan HSR demand developments: station accessibility and its effect on usage adoption
European Planning Studies 2019-01-17

Short- and long-term population and project implications of high-speed rail for served cities: analysis of all served Spanish cities and re-evaluation of Ciudad Real and Puertollano
European Planning Studies 2019-01-17

Spatial short and long-term implications and planning challenges of high-speed rail: a literature review framework for the special issue
European Planning Studies 2019-01-17

Has HSR improved territorial cohesion in Spain? An accessibility analysis of the first 25 years: 1990–2015
European Planning Studies 2019-01-16

Local and nonlocal knowledge typologies: technological complexity in the Irish knowledge space
European Planning Studies 2019-01-14

Urban memory and planning: investigating the use of oral history
European Planning Studies 2019-01-14

Assessing spatial planning strategy in high-speed rail station areas in Spain (1992–2018): towards a sustainable model
European Planning Studies 2019-01-11

Business and tourism high-speed rail same-day trips: factors influencing the efficiency of high-speed rail links for Spanish cities
European Planning Studies 2019-01-09

Designing Paris Gare du Nord for pedestrians or for clients? New retail patterns as flow optimization strategies
European Planning Studies 2019-01-09

Measuring the regional economic impacts of high-speed rail using a dynamic SCGE model: the case of China
European Planning Studies 2019-01-09

Responsible research and innovation? From FinTech’s ‘flash crash’ at Cermak to digitech’s Willow Campus and Quayside
European Planning Studies 2018-12-11

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