European Planning Studies

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Latest papers

Comparison of two cluster life stages in a synthetic knowledge base
European Planning Studies 2019-06-17

After the Crash: the conservation-planning assemblage in an era of austerity
European Planning Studies 2019-06-14

Responsible research and innovation: a systematic review of the literature and its applications to regional studies
European Planning Studies 2019-06-14

Job polarization in the new economy in Danish cities: location, size, and the role of the public sector
European Planning Studies 2019-06-13

Local or global? Does internationalization drive innovation in clusters?
European Planning Studies 2019-06-13

Territorial cooperation, supraregionalist institution-building and national boundaries: the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) at the eastern and western German borders
European Planning Studies 2019-06-06

Networks of cross-border cooperation in Europe – the interests and values. The case of Spree–Neisse–Bober Euroregion
European Planning Studies 2019-06-04

Cross-border cooperation in the EU: Euroregions amid multilevel governance and re-territorialization
European Planning Studies 2019-06-03

Cross-border cooperation in Europe: a relational perspective
European Planning Studies 2019-05-31

Spatial evolution of cross-border regions. Contrasted case studies in North-West Europe
European Planning Studies 2019-05-30

Different typologies of ‘co-working spaces’ and the contemporary dynamics of local economic development in Rome
European Planning Studies 2019-05-30

Regional heteroglossia: the metropolitan region as a dialogical landscape
European Planning Studies 2019-05-30

Opportunities for reinforcing cross-border railway connections: the case of the Liège (Belgium) – Maastricht (the Netherlands) connection
European Planning Studies 2019-05-29

Geographies of relational coordination in venture capital firms
European Planning Studies 2019-05-25

Exploring the normative turn in regional innovation policy: responsibility and the quest for public value
European Planning Studies 2019-05-22

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