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Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Founded in: 1923
URL: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/historical-journal
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Category: History

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Latest papers

Rebels, The Death Penalty, And Legal Process In Late Colonial Burma
Historical Journal 2019-03-19

François-Paul de Lisola And English Opposition To Louis XIV
Historical Journal 2019-03-18

Women Investors And The Virginia Company In The Early Seventeenth Century
Historical Journal 2019-03-15

Eponymy, Encounters, And Local Knowledge In Russian Place Naming In The Pacific Islands, 1804–1830
Historical Journal 2019-03-05

The Canterbury Election Of 1626 And Parliamentary Selection Revisited
Historical Journal 2019-02-01

Empire And Enlightenment In Three Letters From Sir William Jones To Governor-general John Macpherson
Historical Journal 2019-01-28

The Social, Personal, And Spiritual Dynamics Of Ghost Stories In Early Modern England
Historical Journal 2019-01-16

Material Encounters: Knotting Cultures In Early Modern Peru And Spain
Historical Journal 2019-01-11

Bourgeois Modernity Versus The Historical Aristocracy In Christoph Meiners's Political Thought
Historical Journal 2018-12-19

New Life In The Modern Cultural History Of Death
Historical Journal 2018-11-28

Male Anxiety Among Younger Sons Of The English Landed Gentry, 1700–1900
Historical Journal 2018-11-20

The Rise Of The Ambassadress: English Ambassadorial Wives And Early Modern Diplomatic Culture
Historical Journal 2018-11-16

Vladimir Jabotinsky And Population Transfers Between Eastern Europe And Palestine
Historical Journal 2018-11-16

Hobbes's Changing Ecclesiology
Historical Journal 2018-11-13

The Ancient Constitution And The Languages Of Political Thought
Historical Journal 2018-11-05

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