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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1987
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Association: Cultural Studies Association of Australasia
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Category: Communication

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Latest papers

The work of the digital undead: digital capitalism and the suspension of communicative death
Continuum 2019-06-16

The analogue divide: interpreting attitudes towards recording media in pop music practice
Continuum 2019-06-08

Undergraduate programs in Cultural Studies in Australia and New Zealand/Aotearoa: a survey of the field
Continuum 2019-06-08

Culturalism, E.P. Thompson and the polemic in British cultural studies
Continuum 2019-06-08

Finding domestic LGBT+ television in Western Europe: Methodological challenges for queer critics
Continuum 2019-06-07

Cinderella at the (foot)ball: wives and girlfriends in Australian rules football
Continuum 2019-06-06

Transferring below-the-line skillsets across creative industries in early television
Continuum 2019-05-28

Positive images: Gay men and HIV/AIDS in the culture of ‘post-crisis’
Continuum 2019-04-24

Gender and relatability in digital culture: managing affect, intimacy and value
Continuum 2019-04-24

The representation of Syrian refugees in Turkey: a critical discourse analysis of three newspapers
Continuum 2019-03-19

From Cultural Revolution to cultural consumption: forming a contemporary identity through Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
Continuum 2019-03-17

Counter-media: TamilNet and the creation of metanarratives from below
Continuum 2019-03-17

Double negative: the black image and popular culture
Continuum 2019-03-10

Ms Marvel, Qahera, and superheroism in the Muslim diaspora
Continuum 2019-02-12

The Hunger Games: transmedia, gender and possibility
Continuum 2019-02-08

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