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Latest papers

Justifying power: when autocracies talk about themselves and their opponents
Contemporary Politics 2019-01-29

Public-private coordination in large emerging economies: the case of Brazil, India and China
Contemporary Politics 2019-01-16

Conceptualizing the executive mayoralty as a pseudo-event: a comparative investigation of a new trend in municipal leadership
Contemporary Politics 2019-01-03

Conceptualising capitalism in the twenty-first century: the BRICs and the European periphery
Contemporary Politics 2018-12-15

Informality trap: a foundation of Russia’s statist-patrimonial capitalism
Contemporary Politics 2018-12-15

The Indo-Pacific in Japan's strategy towards India
Contemporary Politics 2018-12-14

Defence ministers and the politics of civil-military labour in Chile: a dialogue with Huntington's The Soldier and the State
Contemporary Politics 2018-12-12

Ostracism and the EU’s contradictory approach to sanctions at home and abroad
Contemporary Politics 2018-12-12

The state as a large-scale aggregator: statist neoliberalism and waste management in Portugal
Contemporary Politics 2018-12-10

Crisis and austerity: the recent trajectory of capitalist development in Brazil
Contemporary Politics 2018-12-10

Political parties matter: a research agenda on interactions among elites in post-conflict democracies
Contemporary Politics 2018-11-30

Theorizing Sino-capitalism: implications for the study of comparative capitalisms
Contemporary Politics 2018-11-30

India’s offshore pivot: the implications of a tougher approach towards Mauritius
Contemporary Politics 2018-11-27

Attrition in long-term deliberative processes. The neighbourhood consultative councils in Timisoara
Contemporary Politics 2018-11-27

Deliberative democracy and trust in political institutions at the local level: evidence from participatory budgeting experiment in Ukraine
Contemporary Politics 2018-11-14

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