Citizenship Studies

The statistics shown below contain data since 1 November 2018.
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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1997
URL: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/ccst20/current
• 84/175 in Political Science (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Political Science

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     Median: 2
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     Median: 44

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Latest papers

Precolonial citizenship in South Sulawesi
Citizenship Studies 2019-04-19

Concluding observations: citizenship in cities, states and empires
Citizenship Studies 2019-04-18

Exporting ‘active citizenship’: foreign support for citizenship education in the Arab world
Citizenship Studies 2019-04-15

Forms of citizenship in pre-modern South India
Citizenship Studies 2019-04-15

Acts of citizenship? rulers and ruled in traditional Bali
Citizenship Studies 2019-04-13

Considering citizenship in imperial Chinese history
Citizenship Studies 2019-04-09

Muhamesheen activism: enacting citizenship during Yemen’s transition
Citizenship Studies 2019-02-28

‘Perceived social citizenship’: a comparative study between two different hukous
Citizenship Studies 2019-02-28

Beyond silence and voice: gender, sexuality and antimilitarism in Turkey and Israel
Citizenship Studies 2019-02-26

Care-tizenship: precarity, social movements, and the deleting/re-writing of citizenship
Citizenship Studies 2019-01-17

Citizenship as a gift: how Syrian refugees in Belgium make sense of their social rights
Citizenship Studies 2019-01-11

(Re)Making a politics of protection in immigration policy: the “criminal alien,” gendered vulnerability, and the management of risk
Citizenship Studies 2018-12-28

‘Yes, but all responsible Finns want to stop living on credit’: Feeling rules in the Finnish politics of austerity
Citizenship Studies 2018-12-21

Semi-legality and belonging in the Obama era: the deferred action for childhood arrivals memorandum as an instrument of governance
Citizenship Studies 2018-11-08

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