Citizenship Studies

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Latest papers

Surveying support for child and youth political participation in Australia and New Zealand
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-30

Citizenship revocation: a stress test for liberal democracy
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-29

Local electoral rights for non-French residents? A case-study analysis of British candidates and councillors in French municipal elections
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-29

Entrepreneurial citizenship in urban regeneration in the Netherlands
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-24

Sex and the genuine marriage: consummation and conjugality in Canadian citizenship
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-22

Citizenship without states: rehabilitating citizenship discourse among the anarchist left
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-20

The politics of un-belonging: lessons from Canada’s experiment with citizenship revocation
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-15

Simply a matter of compliance with the rules? The moralising and responsibilising function of fraud-based citizenship deprivation in France and the UK
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-15

Conditional membership: what revocation does to citizenship
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-15

The concept of allegiance in citizenship law and revocation: an Australian study
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-13

Governing imperial citizenship: a historical account of citizenship revocation
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-13

Discussing the human rights limits on loss of citizenship: a normative-legal perspective on egalitarian arguments regarding Dutch Nationality laws targeting Dutch-Moroccans
Citizenship Studies 2019-05-13

Citizenship in Asian history
Citizenship Studies 2019-04-23

Precolonial citizenship in South Sulawesi
Citizenship Studies 2019-04-19

Concluding observations: citizenship in cities, states and empires
Citizenship Studies 2019-04-18

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