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Category: Area Studies

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Latest papers

‘I am a bad native’: Masculinity and marriage in the biographies of Clements Kadalie
African Studies 2019-03-11

A tribute to Priscilla Hall (27 March 1939–11 July 2017)
African Studies 2019-03-11

Writing from Johannesburg: Nadine Gordimer in the global anti-apartheid movement
African Studies 2019-03-11

‘Bridging the gap between the intellectual and the human’: The awkward biography of anthropologist and scholar-activist Iona Simon Mayer (1923–)
African Studies 2019-03-11

Gendered silences in Nelson Mandela’s and Ruth First’s struggle auto/biographies
African Studies 2019-03-11

The awkward biography of the young Washington Okumu: CIA asset (?) and the Prayer Breakfast’s man in Africa
African Studies 2019-03-11

Biography in post-apartheid South Africa: A call for awkwardness
African Studies 2019-03-11

Writing Jasper Savanhu’s biography from his awkward self-narratives
African Studies 2019-03-11

Does financial autonomy imply reproductive and sexual autonomy? Evidence from urban poor women in Accra, Ghana
African Studies 2019-03-02

Commemorating the past in the urban present: Living heritage on Constitution Hill/Johannesburg
African Studies 2019-03-02

Transnational imaginaries and the negotiation of sexual rights during the South African transition
African Studies 2019-02-28

Constructing black economic empowerment in South African mining: Government v corporate discourse
African Studies 2019-02-19

Return migration, entrepreneurship and development: Contrasting the economic growth perspective of Senegal’s diaspora policy through a migrant-centred approach
African Studies 2018-12-18

Change and continuity in Ghana’s intellectual history: From late 19th century to the eras of decolonisation and independence
African Studies 2018-12-18

Consumer culture and ‘black is beautiful’ in apartheid South Africa and early postcolonial Kenya
African Studies 2018-11-26

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