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Latest papers

Communication and (Un)Inspired Terror: Toward a Theory of Phatic Violence
Communication Theory 2019-05-16

Conceptualizing, Organizing, and Positing Moderation in Communication Research
Communication Theory 2019-04-30

Algorithmic Personalization and the Two-Step Flow of Communication
Communication Theory 2019-04-30

The Ugly Truth: Abject Corporeality as Political Authenticity
Communication Theory 2019-04-23

Prophylactic Versus Therapeutic Inoculation Treatments for Resistance to Influence
Communication Theory 2019-04-20

Rhetorical Arbitrage: The Rhetoric of the Sharing Economy
Communication Theory 2019-04-20

Fields and Ecologies: Meso-Level Spatial Approaches and the Study of Journalistic Change
Communication Theory 2019-04-05

Organizational Crisis Communication: Suboptimal Crisis Response Selection Decisions and Behavioral Economics
Communication Theory 2019-03-07

“Mapping” Media Spaces: Smoothness, Striation, and the Expropriation of Desire in American Journalism from Postindustrial to Datafied Capitalism
Communication Theory 2019-02-12

Entertainment Politics as a Modernist Project in a Baudrillard World
Communication Theory 2019-01-31

Planned Risk Information Avoidance: A Proposed Theoretical Model
Communication Theory 2019-01-31

Contextual Materialism: Mereology, Sociality and the Vague Ontology of Media Objects
Communication Theory 2019-01-25

The PFAD-HEC Model: Impacts of News Attributes and Use Motivations on Selective News Exposure
Communication Theory 2019-01-24

Profiles, Identities, Data: Making Abundant and Anchored Selves in a Platform Society
Communication Theory 2018-12-15

Theorizing Development of Parasocial Engagement
Communication Theory 2018-12-15

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