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Explaining Differences in Welfare Chauvinism Between and Within Individuals Over Time: The Role of Subjective and Objective Economic Risk, Economic Egalitarianism, and Ethnic Threat
European Sociological Review 2019-06-18

Prosocial Behaviour in Interethnic Encounters: Evidence from a Field Experiment with High- and Low-Status Immigrants
European Sociological Review 2019-06-07

Weighing up Work Willingness in Social Assistance: A Balancing Act on Multiple Levels
European Sociological Review 2019-06-06

Parental Unemployment and the Transition to Vocational Training in Germany: Interaction of Household and Regional Sources of Disadvantage
European Sociological Review 2019-06-05

The Effect of Regional Gender-Role Attitudes on Female Labour Supply: A Longitudinal Test Using the BHPS, 1991–2007
European Sociological Review 2019-06-03

The Social Stratification of Choice in the Transition to Adulthood
European Sociological Review 2019-06-03

Why Do the Affluent Find Inequality Increasingly Unjust? Changing Inequality and Justice Perceptions in Germany, 1994–2014
European Sociological Review 2019-05-30

Changes in Fathers’ and Mothers’ Time with Children: Spain, 2002–2010
European Sociological Review 2019-05-23

Labour Market Returns to Graduates’ International Experience: Exploring Cross-Country Variation in Europe
European Sociological Review 2019-05-20

Do Changes in Material Circumstances Drive Support for Populist Radical Parties? Panel Data Evidence from the Netherlands during the Great Recession, 2007–2015
European Sociological Review 2019-05-18

Friendship Bias in Ethnic Categorization
European Sociological Review 2019-04-30

Income Mobility and Moving to a Better Neighbourhood: An Enquiry into Ethnic Differences in Finland
European Sociological Review 2019-04-27

A Micro-Scale Approach to Ethnic Minority Concentration in the Residential Environment and Voting for the Radical Right in The Netherlands
European Sociological Review 2019-04-27

Adolescent Mental Health Problems, Behaviour Penalties, and Distributional Variation in Educational Achievement
European Sociological Review 2019-04-24

Are Female Managers Agents of Change or Cogs in the Machine? An Assessment with Three-Level Manager–Employee Linked Data
European Sociological Review 2019-04-18

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