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Latest papers

How Polities Shape Support for Gender Equality and Religiosity’s Impact in Arab Countries
European Sociological Review 2019-02-13

Why Parental Unemployment Matters for Children’s Educational Attainment: Empirical Evidence from The Netherlands
European Sociological Review 2019-02-03

Why You Should Always Include a Random Slope for the Lower-Level Variable Involved in a Cross-Level Interaction
European Sociological Review 2019-02-03

Educational Systems and Gender Differences in Reading: A Comparative Multilevel Analysis
European Sociological Review 2019-01-28

Studying Integration from Adolescence to Early Adulthood: Design, Content, and Research Potential of the CILS4EU-DE Data
European Sociological Review 2019-01-25

Societal Change and Educational Trajectories of Women and Men Born between 1919 and 1986 in (West) Germany
European Sociological Review 2019-01-04

Cognitive Ability, Lifelong Learning, and Social Mobility in Britain: Do Further Qualifications Provide Second Chances for Bright People from Disadvantaged Backgrounds?
European Sociological Review 2018-12-25

Contextual Effects on Populist Radical Right Support: Consensual Neighbourhood Effects and the Dutch PVV
European Sociological Review 2018-12-23

Overeducation, Labour Market Dynamics, and Economic Downturn in Europe
European Sociological Review 2018-12-23

Attitudes Towards Minorities in Times of High Immigration: A Panel Study among Young Adults in Germany
European Sociological Review 2018-12-23

Smoothness of the School-to-Work Transition: General versus Vocational Upper-Secondary Education
European Sociological Review 2018-12-23

What Is Going on Around You: Peer Milieus and Educational Aspirations
European Sociological Review 2018-12-18

Contingent Employment and Labour Market Pathways: Bridge or Trap?
European Sociological Review 2018-12-01

Tying the Extended Family Knot—Grandparents’ Influence on Educational Achievement
European Sociological Review 2018-11-22

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