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Latest papers

Politicization and Expertise: Exit, Effort, and Investment
Journal of Politics 2019-04-17

Groceries for Votes: The Electoral Returns of Vote Buying
Journal of Politics 2019-04-17

Elections, Protest, and Trust in Government: A Natural Experiment from Russia
Journal of Politics 2019-04-16

Having Their Say: Authority, Voice, and Satisfaction with Democracy
Journal of Politics 2019-04-09

Sound Reasoning: Why Accent Bias Matters for Democratic Theory
Journal of Politics 2019-03-21

Strength in Expectation: Elections, Economic Performance, and Authoritarian Breakdown
Journal of Politics 2019-03-12

Uncertainty, Cleavages, and Ethnic Coalitions
Journal of Politics 2019-03-11

“I Am a Tariff Man”: The Power of Populist Foreign Policy Rhetoric under President Trump
Journal of Politics 2019-03-08

Teflon Don or Politics as Usual? An Examination of Foreign Policy Flip-Flops in the Age of Trump
Journal of Politics 2019-03-08

Natural Resource Exploitation and Sexual Violence by Rebel Groups
Journal of Politics 2019-03-08

Reckless Rhetoric? Compliance Pessimism and International Order in the Age of Trump
Journal of Politics 2019-03-06

Present at the Destruction: The Trump Administration and the Foreign Policy Bureaucracy
Journal of Politics 2019-03-06

How a Retreat from Global Economic Governance May Empower Business Interests
Journal of Politics 2019-03-06

Framing and Blame Attribution in Populist Rhetoric
Journal of Politics 2019-03-06

Media, Public Opinion, and Foreign Policy in the Age of Social Media
Journal of Politics 2019-03-06

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