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Publisher: Wiley
Founded in: 1977
URL: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/17585899
• 39/91 in International Relations (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Political Science

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     Average: 2.6
     Median: 3
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     Average: 41
     Median: 36

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The DNA of the DVA in exports: Firm‐level analysis of domestic value added in exports
World Economy 2019-04-12

Does Vertical Specialization Increase Productivity?
World Economy 2019-04-12

Access to imported intermediates and intra‐firm wage inequality
World Economy 2019-04-05

A Dynamic Analysis of the Impacts of Export Taxes: The case of Argentinean Soy and Beef markets
World Economy 2019-04-02

Universal Basic Income: A Viable Policy Alternative?
World Economy 2019-04-01

Do Deeper Regional Trade Agreements Enhance International Technology Spillovers?
World Economy 2019-04-01

Entry decisions of multinational firms: The role of competition threats
World Economy 2019-04-01

Capital flows to Asia and Latin America: Does institutional quality matter?
World Economy 2019-04-01

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