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Latest papers

Trade, Migration Costs and Asymmetric Migration Patterns
World Economy 2019-06-13

Varieties of Regional Integration, International Trade Networks and Risk
World Economy 2019-06-13

Dynamics of FII flows and stock market returns in a major developing country: How does economic uncertainty matter?
World Economy 2019-06-13

An Asymmetric Analysis of the J‐curve Effect in the Commodity Trade between China and the U.S
World Economy 2019-06-04

The interest group theory of financial development in China: Openness and the role of interest groups
World Economy 2019-05-28

Effects of aid for trade on extensive and intensive margins of greenfield FDI
World Economy 2019-05-28

Density of local cadres and regional economic performance: Evidence from China
World Economy 2019-05-27

A Global Analysis of Factors Impacting the Intensive and Extensive Margins of Bilateral FDI
World Economy 2019-05-23

Public export credit insurance in the Netherlands: an input‐output approach
World Economy 2019-05-18

The income inequality, financial depth, and economic growth nexus in China
World Economy 2019-05-15

Kick‐starting diffusion: Explaining the varying frequency of PTA s’ environmental clauses by their initial conditions
World Economy 2019-05-15

Visegrad Economies’ Active Implication in a “new” EU . A New Regional Economic Approach
World Economy 2019-05-15

Export‐led growth and its determinants: Evidence from Central and Eastern European countries
World Economy 2019-05-14

Quality wars in the North
World Economy 2019-05-09

China's One Belt One Road Initiative:The Impact of Trade Facilitation versus Physical Infrastructure on Exports
World Economy 2019-05-03

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