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‘You certainly don't go back to the doctor once you've been told, “I'll never understand women like you.”’ Seeking candidacy and structural competency in the dynamics of domestic abuse disclosure
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-19

‘I Think I Made The Right Decision … I Hope I'm Not Wrong’ . Vaccine hesitancy, commitment and trust among parents of young children
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-12

A multilevel neo‐institutional analysis of infection prevention and control in English hospitals: coerced safety culture change?
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-12

Brosnan, C., Vuolanto, P. and Brodin Danell, J.‐A.Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Knowledge Production and Social Transformation. Palgrave Macmillan. 2018. 337pp. 2 illus. ISBN 978‐3‐319‐73939‐7
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-12

Disruptive illness contexts and liminality in the accounts of young people with type 1 diabetes
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-10

Mitra, S., Schicktanz, S. and Patel, T. (eds) Cross‐Cultural Comparisons on Surrogacy and Egg Donation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from India, Germany and Israel, Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave MacMillan2018. 399pp $139 (cloth) $109 (ebk) Print ISBN 978‐
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-09

A sociology of public responses to hospital change and closure
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-09

The power of suggestion: examining the impact of presence or absence of shared first language in the antenatal clinic
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-08

Scambler, G.Sociology, Health, and the Fractured Society: A Critical Realist Account. Abingdon: Routledge. 2018. 208 pp. £120 (hbk) £34.99 (Kindle) ISBN: 1138909823
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-05

Expanded definitions of the ‘good death’? Race, ethnicity and medical aid in dying
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-05

What kind of ‘a girls’ thing’? Frictions and continuities in the framing and taming of the HPV vaccine in Finland
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-04-04

Dowling, S.,Pontin, D. and Boyer, K. (eds). Social Experiences of Breastfeeding: Building bridges between research, policy and practice. Bristol: Policy Press. 2018. 280pp. £60.00 (hbk) ISBN: 978‐1447338499.
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-03-29

Madsen, O. J.The Psychologization of Society: On the Unfolding of the Therapeutic in Norway. London and NY: Routledge. 2018. 166pp.
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-03-29

Health help‐seeking by men in Brunei Darussalam: masculinities and ‘doing’ male identities across the life course
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-03-28

Garnett, S., Reynolds, J. and Milton, S. (eds) Ethnographies and Health: Reflections on Empirical and Methodological Entanglements. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan. 2018. 275pp $119 (cloth) $89 (ebk) ISBN 978‐3‐319‐89396‐9
Sociology of Health & Illness 2019-03-21

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