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Framing Political Risks: Individual Differences and Loss Aversion in Personal and Political Situations
Political Psychology 2019-04-16

They Might Be a Liar But They’re My Liar: Source Evaluation and the Prevalence of Misinformation
Political Psychology 2019-04-13

Does Partisan Bias Modulate Neural Processing of Political Information? An Analysis of the Neural Correlates of Corruption and Positive Messages
Political Psychology 2019-04-07

The Effect of Group Polarization on Opposition to Donald Trump
Political Psychology 2019-04-01

Voters’ Partisan Responses to Politicians’ Immoral Behavior
Political Psychology 2019-03-28

Strategic Communication and the Integrative Complexity‐Ideology Relationship: Meta‐Analytic Findings Reveal Differences Between Public Politicians and Private Citizens in Their Use of Simple Rhetoric
Political Psychology 2019-03-27

Liberalism and Conservatism, for a Change! Rethinking the Association Between Political Orientation and Relation to Societal Change
Political Psychology 2018-12-14

Talking Politics? Educational Category Salience Reinforces Differences in People's Willingness to Participate in Deliberative Initiatives
Political Psychology 2018-12-14

Psychoanalyzing Europe? Political Enjoyment and European Identity
Political Psychology 2018-12-13

Brexit and Everyday Politics: An Analysis of Focus‐Group Data on the EU Referendum
Political Psychology 2018-12-13

From Polarized We/They Public Opinion on European Integration Towards Social Representations of Public Dialogue
Political Psychology 2018-12-13

Political Psychology of European Integration: The (Re)production of Identity and Difference in the Brexit Debate
Political Psychology 2018-12-13

Editors’ Preface to the Special Issue The Political Psychology of European Integration: Brexit and Beyond
Political Psychology 2018-12-13

Feeling at Home in Europe: Migration, Ontological Security, and the Political Psychology of EU Bordering
Political Psychology 2018-12-13

The Psychology of Supranationalism: Its Ideological Correlates and Implications for EU Attitudes and post‐Brexit Preferences
Political Psychology 2018-12-13

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