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Association: Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) (@asiancurrents)
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Latest papers

Reform of State-owned Enterprises in China: The Chinese Communist Party Strikes Back
Asian Studies Review 2019-05-06

The Entrepreneurial Developmental State: What is the Perceived Impact of South Korea’s Creative Economy Action Plan on Entrepreneurial Activity?
Asian Studies Review 2019-05-06

So Similar, So Different, So Chinese: Analytical Comparisons of the Confucius Institute with its Western Counterparts
Asian Studies Review 2019-04-30

The Ethics of Social Care in Indonesia: Women’s Perspectives on Care in Politics, Development and Policy*
Asian Studies Review 2019-04-29

Open or Bordered? Singapore, Industrialisation and Malaysian Workers
Asian Studies Review 2019-04-23

Perceptions of Meritocracy in Singapore: Inconsistencies, Contestations and Biases
Asian Studies Review 2019-04-11

Confucianism and Capitalist Development: From Max Weber and Orientalism to Lee Kuan Yew and New Confucianism
Asian Studies Review 2019-04-08

Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Rights and Clothing Workers in Bangladesh and Malaysia
Asian Studies Review 2019-04-08

Electoral Secularism in Singapore: Political Responses to Homosexuality
Asian Studies Review 2019-04-08

Everyday sustainability: gender justice and fair trade tea in Darjeeling
Asian Studies Review 2019-04-08

The army and the Indonesian genocide: mechanics of mass murder, by Jess Melvin
Asian Studies Review 2019-02-11

Uyghur Graduates’ Ethnicity in their Dislocated Life Experience: Employment Expectations, Choices and Obstacles
Asian Studies Review 2019-02-08

Strangers next door? Indonesia and Australia in the Asian century, edited by Tim Lindsey & Dave McRae
Asian Studies Review 2019-02-05

Participation without democracy: containing conflict in Southeast Asia, by Garry Rodan
Asian Studies Review 2019-02-03

Why terrorists quit – the disengagement of Indonesian jihadists, by Julie Chernov Hwang
Asian Studies Review 2019-02-03

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