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Latest papers

Linking Gentrification and Labour Market Precarity in the Contemporary City: A Framework for Analysis
Antipode 2019-06-03

Who Shapes the Politics of Expertise? Co‐Production and Authoritative Knowledge in Thailand's Political Forests
Antipode 2019-05-21

Between Radical Geography and Humanism: Anne Buttimer and the International Dialogue Project
Antipode 2019-05-02

From a White Desert to the Largest World Deposit of Lithium: Symbolic Meanings and Materialities of the Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia
Antipode 2019-05-02

The Mythical Shapeshifting of Capital and Petrification of Labour: Deepening Conflict on the Agrofuel Frontier
Antipode 2019-04-26

Fast Activism: Resisting Mobile Policies
Antipode 2019-04-26

Class Monopoly Rent and the Redevelopment of Portland's Pearl District
Antipode 2019-04-19

Poverty in Transit: Uber, Taxi Coops, and the Struggle over Philadelphia's Transportation Economy
Antipode 2019-04-15

Unsettling Indian Water Settlements: The Little Colorado River, the San Juan River, and Colonial Enclosures
Antipode 2019-04-15

New Frontiers of Philanthro‐capitalism: Digital Technologies and Humanitarianism
Antipode 2019-04-15

State Discourses of Indigenous “Inclusion”: Identity and Representation in the Arctic
Antipode 2019-04-15

Playing with Infrastructure like a Carishina: Feminist Cycling in an Era of Democratic Politics
Antipode 2019-04-13

Re‐scripting Place: Managing Social Class Stigma in a Former Steel‐Making Region
Antipode 2019-03-29

Deracinated Dispossessions: On the Foreclosures of “Gentrification” in Oakland, CA
Antipode 2019-03-29

Not About Land, Not Quite a Grab: Dispersed Dispossession in Rural Russia
Antipode 2019-03-29

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