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Association: Institute of Postcolonial studies
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Latest papers

A transition from empire to nation in Southern Asia
Postcolonial Studies 2019-06-04

Dialectical movements with the Toba people in the Argentine Chaco
Postcolonial Studies 2019-05-23

‘Martinique is ours, not theirs!’: framing conflicting identities during the 2009 protests
Postcolonial Studies 2019-05-17

Islam intensified: snapshot historiography and the making of Muslim identities
Postcolonial Studies 2019-05-15

Brazilian boys riding Indonesian waves: orientalism and fratriarchy in a recent Brazilian surf movie
Postcolonial Studies 2019-05-10

The decolonial subject and the problem of non-Western authenticity
Postcolonial Studies 2019-05-06

Towards Eurasia: remapping Europe as ‘upstart peripheral to an ongoing operation’
Postcolonial Studies 2019-05-06

‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’: settler voting rights and the elimination of the Indigenous demos in US Pacific territories
Postcolonial Studies 2019-04-03

The Tears of Rangi: multiple dimensions of reality
Postcolonial Studies 2019-03-27

Recasting feministic discourses in postcolonial South Asia: an interventionist reading
Postcolonial Studies 2019-03-27

Light that hums: Wang Min’an on modern electric privacy
Postcolonial Studies 2019-01-24

Rethinking colonial capitalism in the wake of Hegel
Postcolonial Studies 2019-01-21

On making noise: Hokkolorob and its place in Indian student movements
Postcolonial Studies 2019-01-20

Alternatively narrating the aerial gaze: capture, concept, consequence
Postcolonial Studies 2019-01-20

Unveiling expressions of queer and intercultural relationships in post-Second World War Paris: literature, cinema, street art
Postcolonial Studies 2019-01-09

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