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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1949
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Twitter: @EurAsiaStudies
Association: Central and East European Studies, University of Glasgow
• 115/176 in Political Science (Web of Science 2017)
• 24/72 in Area Studies (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Political Science Area Studies

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Latest papers

‘Liberation Technology’ or ‘Net Delusion’? Civic Activists’ Perceptions of Social Media as a Platform for Civic Activism in Belarus and Ukraine
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-06-25

Islamist Political Orientations among Central Asian Youth
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-06-05

United Russia’s Primaries and the Strength of Political Machines in the Regions of Russia: Evidence from the 2016 Duma Elections
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-05-30

Okun's Law in the Visegrád Group Countries
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-05-16

Patterns of Ethnic Homogenisation, Fragmentation and Polarisation and the Vote Shares for Nationalist Parties in Latvia
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-05-14

A Study of Vladimir Putin’s Rhetoric
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-05-14

Chechen Demographic Growth as a Reaction to Conflict: The Views of Chechens
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-05-13

Putin's Power Revisited: How Identity Positions and Great Power Interaction Condition Strategic Cooperation on Syria
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-05-09

Do Economic Linkages through FDI Lead to Institutional Change? Assessing Outcomes in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-04-26

From ‘Constructing Socialism’ to a ‘Socialist-oriented Market Economy’ in Contemporary Vietnam: A Critique of Ideologies
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-04-25

Dynamics of Network Resonance: The Case of the Transnational Helsinki Network
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-04-23

Legacies of State Socialism: A Comparative Study of Elite Attitudes towards EU Economic Competitiveness in Western and Central Eastern Europe
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-04-23

Taking Stock of Russian eGovernment
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-04-02

Hybrid Historical Memories in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-04-02

Goodbye, Postsocialism!
Europe-Asia Studies 2019-03-19

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