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Association: Society for the Study of Human Biology
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Category: Anthropology

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Latest papers

Climate Change, Uncertainty, and Allostatic Load
Annals of Human Biology 2019-02-21

Forensic characteristics and phylogenetic analysis of 23 Y-STR loci in the Miao population from Guizhou province, southwest China
Annals of Human Biology 2019-02-20

A discussion of statistical methods to characterize early growth and its impact on bone mineral content later in childhood
Annals of Human Biology 2019-02-05

Interactive effects of adiposity and insulin resistance on the impaired lung function in asthmatic adults: cross-sectional analysis of NHANES data
Annals of Human Biology 2019-02-04

Sex-dependent effect of post-migration adaptation on height and relative lower leg length in Polish youth
Annals of Human Biology 2019-01-30

Familial resemblance in gross motor coordination. The Peruvian Sibling Study on Growth and Health
Annals of Human Biology 2019-01-16

Forensic parameters and admixture in seven geographical regions of the Guerrero state (South, Mexico) based on STRs of the Globalfiler® kit
Annals of Human Biology 2019-01-15

UDP-glucuronosyltransferase genetic variation in North African populations: a comparison with African and European data
Annals of Human Biology 2019-01-08

Anthropometric Measures and their association with risk factors for cardio-metabolic diseases in Kenyan adults
Annals of Human Biology 2019-01-04

The BDNF rs6265 variant may interact with overweight and obesity to influence obesity-related physical, metabolic and behavioural traits in Pakistani individuals
Annals of Human Biology 2018-12-28

Mitochondrial characterisation of two Spanish populations from the Vera and Bejar valleys (Central Spain)
Annals of Human Biology 2018-12-18

A multilevel analysis of individual- and school-level correlates of physical fitness in children
Annals of Human Biology 2018-12-04

At what age do normal weight Canadian children become overweight adults? Differences according to sex and metric
Annals of Human Biology 2018-11-30

Association between sleep duration and high blood pressure in adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Annals of Human Biology 2018-11-04

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