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Latest papers

‘Just having a computer doesn’t make sense’: The digital divide from the perspective of mothers with a low socio-economic position
New Media & Society 2019-05-20

Like me (please?): Connecting online self-presentation to pre- and early adolescents’ self-esteem
New Media & Society 2019-05-15

Counting on the body: Techniques of embodied digitality
New Media & Society 2019-05-13

It’s the text, stupid! Mobile phones, religious communities, and the silent threat of text messages
New Media & Society 2019-05-13

Media, identity, and online communities in a changing Arab world
New Media & Society 2019-05-10

Revisiting leadership in information and communication technology (ICT)-enabled activism: A study of Egypt’s grassroots human rights groups
New Media & Society 2019-05-10

Toward a transnational model of social media privacy: How young Saudi transnationals do privacy on Facebook
New Media & Society 2019-05-10

Rap it up, share it up: Identity politics of youth “social” movement in Moroccan online rap music
New Media & Society 2019-05-10

The Internet and political (in)equality in the Arab world: A multi-country study of the relationship between Internet news use, press freedom, and protest participation
New Media & Society 2019-05-10

Attribute substitution and stereotypes about the online Arab public sphere: Predictors of concerns about Internet surveillance in five Arab countries
New Media & Society 2019-05-10

#EndMaleGuardianship: Women’s rights, social media and the Arab public sphere
New Media & Society 2019-05-10

Automating the audience commodity: The unacknowledged ancestry of programmatic advertising
New Media & Society 2019-05-06

When high and pop culture (re)mix: An inquiry into the memetic transformations of artwork
New Media & Society 2019-05-06

Domesticating WhatsApp: Family, friends, work, and study in everyday communication
New Media & Society 2019-05-06

Small acts of engagement: Reconnecting productive audience practices with everyday agency
New Media & Society 2019-05-02

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