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Founded in: 1999
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Category: Communication

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Latest papers

The daily dose of digital inspiration 2: Themes and affective user responses to meaningful memes in social media
New Media & Society 2019-04-17

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The Politics of Mass Digitization
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Instagram: Friend or foe? The application’s association with psychological well-being
New Media & Society 2019-04-04

The Rise of Nerd Politics: Digital Activism and Political Change
New Media & Society 2019-04-04

Social surveillance and Let’s Play: A regional case study of gaming in Manila slum communities
New Media & Society 2019-04-03

Humanitarian humor, digilantism, and the dilemmas of representing volunteer tourism on social media
New Media & Society 2019-04-03

How anthropogenic climate change prevailed: A case study of controversies around global warming on Portuguese Wikipedia
New Media & Society 2019-04-03

The Internet and the 2016 presidential campaign
New Media & Society 2019-04-01

Dot-com design: The rise of a usable, social, commercial web
New Media & Society 2019-04-01

Paid: Tales of Dongles, Checks, and Other Money Stuff
New Media & Society 2019-04-01

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