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Exploring caregiving-related experiences among Chinese American and European American family caregivers of persons with mental illness
Transcultural Psychiatry 2019-02-14

The Role of Religion in Suicidal Behavior, Attitudes and Psychological Distress Among University Students: A Multinational Study
Transcultural Psychiatry 2019-02-08

Is silence about trauma harmful for children? Transgenerational communication in Palestinian families
Transcultural Psychiatry 2019-01-31

An ethnopsychology of idioms of distress in urban Kenya
Transcultural Psychiatry 2019-01-24

Crash-landings of flying witches in Ghana: Grand mystical feats or diagnosable psychiatric illnesses?
Transcultural Psychiatry 2019-01-21

Qualitative Analysis of Cultural Formulation Interview: Findings and Implications for Revising the Outline for Cultural Formulation
Transcultural Psychiatry 2019-01-14

Media portrayals of mental disorder in Saudi Arabia: a review of popular newspapers
Transcultural Psychiatry 2019-01-11

“I think I am worth it. I can give up committing suicide”: Pathways to recovery for Chinese-Canadian women with a history of suicidal behaviour
Transcultural Psychiatry 2019-01-04

Enacting autism: Immigrant family negotiations with nosology in practice
Transcultural Psychiatry 2018-12-13

“Treated me … like I was family”: Qualitative Evaluation of a Culturally-Adapted Health Care Manager Intervention for Latinos with Serious Mental Illness and at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease
Transcultural Psychiatry 2018-12-04

Homophobia in Health Professionals in Ankara, Turkey: Developing a Scale
Transcultural Psychiatry 2018-11-28

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Climacteric Symptoms, Health-Seeking Behavior, and Attitudes towards Menopause Among Mosuo Women and Han Chinese Women in Yunnan, China
Transcultural Psychiatry 2018-11-16

Listening to Bedouin fathers of children with autism spectrum disorder
Transcultural Psychiatry 2018-11-06

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