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Category: Sociology

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Latest papers

Productive pleasures across binary regimes: Phenomenologies of bisexual desires among Latino men
Sexualities 2019-04-05

‘The fact they knew before I did upset me most’: Essentialism and normativity in lesbian and gay youths’ coming out stories
Sexualities 2019-04-05

Homonormativity or queer disidentification? Rural Australian bisexual women's identity politics
Sexualities 2019-04-03

History, culture and practice of puppy play
Sexualities 2019-03-22

Stepping-up: ‘Urban’ and ‘queer’ cultural capital in LGBT and queer communities in Kansai, Japan
Sexualities 2019-03-14

‘In this house we believe in fairness and kindness’: Post-liberation politics in Australia's same-sex marriage postal survey
Sexualities 2019-03-14

Perceptions of provider power among sex buyers
Sexualities 2019-03-14

Sexually violent effervescence: Understanding sexual assault among youth
Sexualities 2019-03-13

Violence, toleration, or inclusion? Exploring variation in the experiences of LGBT combatants in Colombia
Sexualities 2019-03-13

Asking for it: BDSM sexual practice and the trouble of consent
Sexualities 2019-03-05

Omar Mateen as US citizen, not foreign threat: Homonationalism and LGBTQ online representations of the Pulse nightclub shooting
Sexualities 2019-02-28

Fears and fantasies: German sexual science and its research on African sexualities, 1890–1930
Sexualities 2019-02-21

Tania Levey, Sexual Harassment Online. Shaming and Silencing Women in the Digital Age
Sexualities 2019-02-21

Doug Meyer, Violence against Queer People: Race, Class, Gender, and the Persistence of Anti-LGBT Discrimination
Sexualities 2019-02-16

Teela Sanders and Mary Laing (eds), Policing the Sex Industry: Protection, Paternalism and Politics
Sexualities 2019-02-16

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