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Latest papers

Job matching in connected regional and occupational labour markets
Regional Studies 2019-01-21

Segregation trends in Athens: the changing residential distribution of occupational categories during the 2000s
Regional Studies 2019-01-09

Quantifying the cost of foregone public goods spillovers on an island
Regional Studies 2019-01-09

Creating cities/building cities: Architecture and urban competitiveness
Regional Studies 2019-01-09

Characterizing broken links on national and local expressways in Chinese city-regions
Regional Studies 2019-01-04

Does public entrepreneurial financing contribute to territorial servitization in manufacturing and KIBS in the United States?
Regional Studies 2019-01-04

Air transport connectivity of remote regions: the impacts of public policies
Regional Studies 2019-01-02

Regulation, financialization and fraud in Chinese commodity markets after the Global Financial Crisis
Regional Studies 2019-01-02

Territorial Cohesion Cities: a policy recipe for achieving Territorial Cohesion?
Regional Studies 2018-12-20

The spatial–temporal dynamics in job accessibility by car in the Netherlands during the crisis
Regional Studies 2018-12-20

Creative actors and historical–cultural assets in urban regions
Regional Studies 2018-12-20

European Union regional policy and development in Spain: capital widening and productivity stagnation over 1989–2010
Regional Studies 2018-12-20

Territorial servitization and the manufacturing renaissance in knowledge-based economies
Regional Studies 2018-12-18

Technological diversification and Smart Specialisation: the role of cooperation
Regional Studies 2018-12-13

New avenues for regional innovation systems – Theoretical advances, empirical cases and policy lessons
Regional Studies 2018-12-12

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