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Founded in: 1967
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Association: Regional Studies Association (@regstud)
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Latest papers

Rising inequality and neighbourhood mixing in US metro areas
Regional Studies 2019-06-13

Knowledge, policymaking and learning for European cities and regions: From research to practice
Regional Studies 2019-06-13

The political economy of capital cities
Regional Studies 2019-06-12

Vacation homes and regional economic development
Regional Studies 2019-05-30

The role of tax havens and offshore financial centres in shaping corporate geographies: an industry sector perspective
Regional Studies 2019-05-28

Coping with a changing integration policy context: American state policies and their effects on immigrant political engagement
Regional Studies 2019-05-24

The imperial treasury: appraisal methodology and regional economic performance in the UK
Regional Studies 2019-05-22

Institutional change and the development of lagging regions in Europe
Regional Studies 2019-05-22

Product relatedness and economic diversification at the regional level in two emerging economies: Mexico and Brazil
Regional Studies 2019-05-22

Does redistribution matter? The decomposition of the fiscal residuum in Italian regions
Regional Studies 2019-05-22

Smart Specialisation: what gets lost in translation from concept to practice?
Regional Studies 2019-05-22

Explaining the immigrant integration laws of German, Italian and Spanish regions: sub-state nationalism and multilevel party politics
Regional Studies 2019-05-10

Devolving fiscal policy: migration and tax yields
Regional Studies 2019-05-09

Migration, meaning(s) of place and implications for rural innovation policy
Regional Studies 2019-05-09

The effects of common culture and language on economic exchanges: evidence from tourist flows
Regional Studies 2019-05-03

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