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Latest papers

Gender and geography in the Netherlands: from separation to integration
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-22

The study of homosexual space: an example of feminist geographies’ limits in Chilean academia?
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-22

Challenging landscapes of sociological thinking on everyday family lives in the UK: taking the yellow brick road
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-22

The female body as the bearer of national identity in Iran: a critical discourse analysis of the representation of women's bodies in official online outlets
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-17

Landscapes of impunity and the deaths of Americans LaVena Johnson and Sandra Bland
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

Cities and the city: spatio-temporal imaginaries of class and gender in Barranquilla and Cali, Colombia
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

Art(s) of visibility: resistance and reclamation of university spaces by women students in Delhi
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

‘Safe spaces’ and ‘bad’ girls: ‘child marriage victims’’ experiences from a shelter in Eastern India
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

Women's, gender and feminist studies in Portugal: researchers’ resilience vs institutional resistance
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

Mapping geographies of Canadian colonial occupation: pathway analysis of murdered indigenous women and girls
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

Migrant masculinities in-between private and public spaces of reproductive labour: Asian porters in Rome
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

Clean foods, motherhood and alternative food networks in contemporary Istanbul
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

Thinking about research, space, Skype and swamps
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

What motivates millennials? How intersectionality shapes the working lives of female entrepreneurs in Canada’s fashion industry
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

Malthus’s specter and the anthropocene
Gender, Place & Culture 2019-04-16

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