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Latest papers

Europe's eastern crisis: the geopolitics of asymmetry, by Richard Youngs
Democratization 2019-04-17

Democracy in crisis. Why, where, how to respond, First Edition, by Roland Rich
Democratization 2019-04-10

Democracy promotion in EU enlargement negotiations: more interaction, less hierarchy
Democratization 2019-04-05

Understanding support for democracy in new and old democracies in the Americas: the role of democratic experience
Democratization 2019-04-02

Robbing Peter to pay Paul: changing clientelist patterns in East Timor’s 2017 parliamentary elections
Democratization 2019-04-02

Cultural backlash: Trump, Brexit, and authoritarian populism, by Pippa Norris and Ronald Inglehart
Democratization 2019-04-02

Consistency in constitutional design and its effect on democracy
Democratization 2019-04-01

Democratically consolidated, externally threatened, and NATO aligned: finding unexpected deficiencies in civilian control
Democratization 2019-03-29

Neither episodic, nor destined to failure? The endurance of Hungarian populism after 2010
Democratization 2019-03-27

Institutions and democracy in Africa. How the rules of the game shape political developments, edited by Nic Cheeseman
Democratization 2019-03-27

Negotiating democracy with authoritarian regimes. EU democracy promotion in North Africa
Democratization 2019-03-27

How autocrats compete: parties, patrons, and unfair elections in Africa, by Yonatan L. Morse
Democratization 2019-03-27

Building democracy in the Yugoslav successor states: accomplishments, setbacks, and challenges since 1990, edited by Sabrina P. Ramet, Christine M. Hassenstab, and Ola Listhaug
Democratization 2019-03-27

State of repression: Iraq under Saddam Hussein, by Lisa Blaydes
Democratization 2019-03-21

What it takes to win when the game is rigged: the evolution of opposition electoral strategies in Moscow, 2012–2017
Democratization 2019-03-06

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