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Latest papers

Poverty reduction and democratization – new cross-country evidence
Democratization 2019-02-18

Strategic ballot removal: an unexplored form of electoral manipulation in hybrid regimes
Democratization 2019-02-18

Women presidents and prime ministers in post-transition democracies, edited by Verónica Montecinos
Democratization 2019-02-18

Political institutions, human capital and innovation: evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
Democratization 2019-02-08

Divisions within post-2011 Tunisia’s secular civil society
Democratization 2019-02-06

Negotiating normative premises in democracy promotion: Venezuela and the Inter-American Democratic Charter
Democratization 2019-02-05

When soldiers rebel, by Kristin A. Harkness
Democratization 2019-02-05

Shaking off the neoliberal shackles: “democratic emergence” and the negotiation of democratic knowledge in the Middle East North Africa context
Democratization 2019-01-24

Organizing democracy. How international organizations assist new democracies, by Paul Poast and Johannes Urpelainen
Democratization 2019-01-23

Democratic accountability, political order, and change: exploring accountability processes in an era of european transformation, by Johan P. Olsen
Democratization 2019-01-23

Contested or established? A comparison of legislative powers across regimes
Democratization 2019-01-21

Presidential hegemony and democratic backsliding in Latin America, 1925–2016
Democratization 2019-01-16

Elite defection and grassroots democracy under competitive authoritarianism: evidence from Burkina Faso
Democratization 2019-01-16

Beyond elections: perceptions of democracy in four Arab countries
Democratization 2019-01-11

Autocratic checks and balances? Trust in courts and bureaucratic discretion
Democratization 2018-12-28

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