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Latest papers

Widening Horizons: New Directions in the Scholarship on Sea Power and Security
War in History 2019-01-16

Book Review: Bodies and Ruins. Imagining the Bombing of Germany, 1945 to the Present David F. Crew
War in History 2019-01-02

Book Review: The Long Aftermath: Cultural Legacies of Europe at War 1936–2016 Manuel Bragança and Peter Tame
War in History 2019-01-02

Book Review: Daily Life in the Abyss: Genocide Diaries, 1915–1918 Vahé Tachjian
War in History 2019-01-02

Book Review: Integrating the US Military: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation since World War II Douglas Walter Bristol and Heather Marie Stur
War in History 2019-01-02

Book Review: The Conscription Conflict and the Great War Robin Archer, Joy Damousi, Murray Goot, and Sean Scalmer
War in History 2019-01-02

Book Review: Weapon of Choice: Small Arms and the Culture of Military Innovation Matthew Ford
War in History 2019-01-02

British Army and Palestine Police Deserters and the Arab–Israeli War of 1948
War in History 2018-12-19

War Decision and Neoclassical Realism: The Entry of the Ottoman Empire into the First World War
War in History 2018-12-13

From the Adriatic to the Mediterranean: Italy in the Allied Naval Strategy (1915–1918)
War in History 2018-12-13

‘Crossing the Red Line?’: The Air Staff, Sir Arthur Harris, and the Magdeburg Operation of 21/22 January 1944
War in History 2018-12-13

The Eighth Army at the Gothic Line, August–September 1944: A Study in Staff Compatibility and Coalition Command
War in History 2018-12-11

The Establishment and the Role of the State–Joint Chiefs of Staff Meeting during the Korean War
War in History 2018-12-10

Jomini versus Clausewitz: Hamley’s Operations of War and Military Thought in the British Army, 1866–1933
War in History 2018-12-07

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