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Latest papers

A Laughing matter? Confronting climate change through humor
Political Geography 2019-01-15

“The state kills, we kill, everyone kills”: Cracking and framing the field with humor
Political Geography 2019-01-15

What's so funny in Afghanistan?: Jocular geopolitics and the everyday use of humor in spaces of protracted precarity
Political Geography 2019-01-15

Review forum
Political Geography 2019-01-15

Negotiating adversity with humour: A case study of wildland firefighter women
Political Geography 2019-01-15

#YourAverageMuslim: Ruptural geopolitics of British Muslim women's media and fashion
Political Geography 2019-01-11

Complexities and surprises in local resistance to neoliberal conservation: Multiple environmentalities, technologies of the self and the poststructural geography of local engagement with REDD+
Political Geography 2019-01-11

The residential context as source of deprivation: Impacts on the local political culture. Evidence from the East German state Thuringia
Political Geography 2019-01-09

The making and remaking of ecological space in China: The political ecology of Chongming Eco-Island
Political Geography 2019-01-02

Forest management in Bolivia under Evo Morales: The challenges of post-neoliberalism
Political Geography 2019-01-01

Hesitant democracy: Equality, inequality and the time of politics
Political Geography 2019-01-01

Galvanising political support through resource nationalism: A case of Tanzania's 2017 extractive sector reforms
Political Geography 2018-12-31

From sovereignty to technologies of dependency: Rethinking the power relations supporting violence in Brazil
Political Geography 2018-12-19

Gender, global terror, and everyday violence in urban Pakistan
Political Geography 2018-12-18

Partisan and apportionment bias in creating a predominant party system
Political Geography 2018-12-13

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