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Latest papers

Governed from above, below and dammed in between: The biopolitics of (un)making life and livelihood in the Philippine uplands
Political Geography 2019-03-25

Infrastructures of reception: The spatial politics of refuge in Mannheim, Germany
Political Geography 2019-03-15

‘Occupied Enclave’: Policing and the underbelly of humanitarian governance in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya
Political Geography 2019-03-11

Gendered bordering practices in Swedish and Russian foreign and security policy
Political Geography 2019-03-09

The relational spatiality of the postwar condition: A study of the city of Mitrovica
Political Geography 2019-03-08

Not all campaigns are created equal: Temporal and spatial variability in constituency campaign spending effects in Great Britain, 1997–2015
Political Geography 2019-03-08

(Co-)Producing liminality: Cambodia and Vietnam's ‘shared custody’ of the Vietnamese diaspora in Cambodia
Political Geography 2019-03-07

Thinking with Protevi: Difference, the present, and the political
Political Geography 2019-03-02

Trump, turbulence, territory
Political Geography 2019-03-02

Review forum
Political Geography 2019-03-01

Germany's (not so) banal militarism
Political Geography 2019-02-28

A ‘distributive regime’: Rethinking global migration control
Political Geography 2019-02-16

The paradox of border security – an example from the UK
Political Geography 2019-02-16

‘Agro sí, mina NO!’ the Tía Maria copper mine, state terrorism and social war by every means in the Tambo Valley, Peru
Political Geography 2019-02-16

“A machine masquerading as a movement”: The 2015 UK general election labour campaign investigated through assemblage and affect
Political Geography 2019-02-14

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