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Latest papers

Diverging forest land use dynamics induced by armed conflict across the tropics
Global Environmental Change 2019-04-18

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Global Environmental Change 2019-04-13

Fulfilling the promise of participation by not resuscitating the deficit model
Global Environmental Change 2019-04-11

The relative influence of climate and housing development on current and projected future fire patterns and structure loss across three California landscapes
Global Environmental Change 2019-04-06

How are healthy, working populations affected by increasing temperatures in the tropics? Implications for climate change adaptation policies
Global Environmental Change 2019-04-05

Human mobility intentions in response to heat in urban South East Asia
Global Environmental Change 2019-04-02

Empathy, place and identity interactions for sustainability
Global Environmental Change 2019-03-28

Agricultural and forestry trade drives large share of tropical deforestation emissions
Global Environmental Change 2019-03-20

Governmentality and the climate-development nexus: The case of the EU Global Climate Change Alliance
Global Environmental Change 2019-03-01

Agricultural abandonment and re-cultivation during and after the Chechen Wars in the northern Caucasus
Global Environmental Change 2019-03-01

Interface bureaucrats and the everyday remaking of climate interventions: Evidence from climate change adaptation in Zambia
Global Environmental Change 2019-03-01

Participatory Water Basin Councils in Peru and Brazil: Expert discourses as means and barriers to inclusion
Global Environmental Change 2019-03-01

Social and biophysical determinants of future forest conditions in New England: Effects of a modern land-use regime
Global Environmental Change 2019-03-01

Do forests relieve crop thirst in the face of drought? Empirical evidence from South China
Global Environmental Change 2019-03-01

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