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Latest papers

One thousand ways to experience loss: A systematic analysis of climate-related intangible harm from around the world
Global Environmental Change 2019-02-14

Beyond the ‘extinction of experience’ – Novel pathways between nature experience and support for nature conservation
Global Environmental Change 2019-02-14

Passive crowdsourcing of social media in environmental research: A systematic map
Global Environmental Change 2019-02-12

Climate change perceptions and their individual-level determinants: A cross-European analysis
Global Environmental Change 2019-02-11

‘A very human business’—Transnational networking initiatives and domestic climate action
Global Environmental Change 2019-01-27

Personalized risk messaging can reduce climate concerns
Global Environmental Change 2019-01-27

Sustainable urban water management and integrated development in informal settlements: The contested politics of co-production in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Global Environmental Change 2019-01-25

Exploring temporality in socio-ecological resilience through experiences of the 2015–16 El Niño across the Tropics
Global Environmental Change 2019-01-25

The neotropical reforestation hotspots: A biophysical and socioeconomic typology of contemporary forest expansion
Global Environmental Change 2019-01-01

Adapting and coping with climate change in temperate forests
Global Environmental Change 2019-01-01

A social-ecological network approach for understanding wildfire risk governance
Global Environmental Change 2019-01-01

Criteria for effective zero-deforestation commitments
Global Environmental Change 2019-01-01

Constraints, multiple stressors, and stratified adaptation: Pastoralist livelihood vulnerability in a semi-arid wildlife conservation context in Central Kenya
Global Environmental Change 2019-01-01

Economic and ecosystem costs and benefits of alternative land use and management scenarios in the Lake Rotorua, New Zealand, catchment
Global Environmental Change 2018-12-19

Integrated assessment of biomass supply and demand in climate change mitigation scenarios
Global Environmental Change 2018-12-04

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