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Latest papers

The future of globalisation: neo-fascism or the Green New Deal
Race & Class 2019-05-23

Neoliberalism and the weaponising of language and education
Race & Class 2019-05-23

Degradation by design: women and asylum in northern Europe
Race & Class 2019-05-23

The Kashmir conflict and human rights
Race & Class 2019-05-23

Book Review: Colonial Lives of Property: law, land, and racial regimes of ownership by Brenna Bhandar
Race & Class 2019-03-29

Book Review: C.L.R. James: the artist as revolutionary by Paul Buhle, The Young C.L.R. James: a graphic novelette by Milton Knight, Lawrence Ware and Paul Buhle, The Polemics of C.L.R. James and Contemporary Black Activism by Ornette D. Clennon
Race & Class 2019-03-29

Book Review: Racial Ecologies edited by Leilani Nishime and Kim D. Hester Williams
Race & Class 2019-03-29

Book Review: The Stopping Places: a journey through Gypsy Britain by Damian Le Bas
Race & Class 2019-03-29

Book Review: Sceptics of Islam: revisionist religion, agnosticism and disbelief in the modern Arab world edited by Ralph M. Coury
Race & Class 2019-03-29

Book Review: Churchill: walking with destiny by Andrew Roberts
Race & Class 2019-03-29

Book Review: Choke Points: logistics workers disrupting the global supply chain edited by Jake Alimahomed-Wilson and Immanuel Ness
Race & Class 2019-03-29

An ‘Olympics without Apartheid’: Brazilian-Palestinian solidarity against Israeli securitisation
Race & Class 2019-02-21

Unravelling the concept of unconscious bias
Race & Class 2019-02-21

Southall: symbol of resistance
Race & Class 2019-02-21

School life on the margins: Slovak Roma pupils negotiating education
Race & Class 2019-01-25

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