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Latest papers

Engaging Bourdieu in a comparative perspective. Social structure and lifestyle in Europe
Poetics 2019-06-11

License to tweak: Artistic license at first-tier Indian apparel suppliers
Poetics 2019-05-21

Relating social and symbolic relations in quantitative text analysis. A study of parliamentary discourse in the Weimar Republic
Poetics 2019-05-18

All About Profit? How Economics and Finance Experts Disseminate the Instrumental Market Logic to Family Businesses
Poetics 2019-05-14

“From Angola to the world”, from the world to Lisbon and Paris: How structural inequalities shaped the global kizomba dance industry
Poetics 2019-05-13

The Ambivalence of Cultural Homophily: Field Positions, Semantic Similarities, and Social Network Ties in Creative Collectives
Poetics 2019-05-02

Philosophical tenets in the construction of culinary discourse: The case of British celebrity chefs’ websites
Poetics 2019-04-28

Subjective experience of poetry: Latent structure and differences between experts and non-experts
Poetics 2019-04-25

Moral claims and redress after atrocity: Economies of worth across political cultures in the Holocaust Swiss banks litigation
Poetics 2019-04-25

The big screen treatment: Gratifications sought in game-to-film transmedia consumption
Poetics 2019-04-25

Feeding distinction: Economic and cultural capital in the making of food boundaries
Poetics 2019-04-25

The effects of parents’ lifestyle on their children’s status attainment and lifestyle in the Netherlands
Poetics 2019-04-17

How class identities shape highbrow consumption: A cross-national analysis of 30 European countries and regions
Poetics 2019-04-17

Back to the original omnivore: On the artefactual nature of Peterson’s thesis of omnivorousness
Poetics 2019-04-16

Creative visions: Presenting aesthetic trajectories in artistic careers
Poetics 2019-04-07

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