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Latest papers

Telling the Other's side: Formulating others' mental states in driver training
Language & Communication 2019-03-02

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Language & Communication 2019-03-02

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Language & Communication 2019-03-02

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Language & Communication 2019-03-02

Intersubjectivity and other grounds for action-coordination in an environment of restricted interaction: Coordinating with oncoming traffic when passing an obstacle
Language & Communication 2019-03-02

How did the mobility scooter cross the road? Coordinating with co-movers and other movers in traffic
Language & Communication 2019-03-02

Civility and mobility: Drivers (and passengers) appreciating the actions of other drivers
Language & Communication 2019-03-02

Leave-taking as multiactivity: Coordinating conversational closings with driving in cars
Language & Communication 2019-03-02

Free the code, free the world: The chronotopic “worldness” of the virtual world of Ryzom
Language & Communication 2019-02-22

Chronotopic identities: Narrating Made in Italy across spatiotemporal scales
Language & Communication 2019-02-12

Talking about mindfulness: An ethnography of communication analysis of two speech communities
Language & Communication 2019-01-10

Change over time in the type and functions of crib speech around the fourth birthday
Language & Communication 2019-01-09

Exploring the ESOL-PSIT relation: Interpellation, resistance and resilience
Language & Communication 2019-01-07

‘They just had such a sweet way of speaking’: Constructed voices and prosodic styles in Kodiak Alutiiq
Language & Communication 2019-01-05

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