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Publisher: Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
Founded in: 2001
URL: https://www.lmaleidykla.lt/ojs/index.php/filosofija-sociologija
• 127/146 in Sociology (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Sociology

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Latest papers

The Perspective of Overcoming Nihilism in Heidegger’s Dialogue with Jünger
Filosofija-Sociologija 2019-04-04

Philosophy of Economics and Management: Youth Participation in Family Business and National Economy
Filosofija-Sociologija 2019-04-04

Philosophical Considerations: Economical, Epistemological, Cultural and Social Issues
Filosofija-Sociologija 2019-04-04

Alternatives to the Culture of Consumerism, or the Charm of Skeptical Solitude
Filosofija-Sociologija 2019-04-04

Philosophy of Economics: The Constructivist and Scientific Realist Interpretation of Macroeconomics
Filosofija-Sociologija 2019-04-04

Diderot’s Criticism of Colonialism: Plea for Equality and Reciprocity among Peoples
Filosofija-Sociologija 2019-04-04

The Construction of the Homeless as a Discursive-Political Struggle: A Discursive-Theoretical Re-reading of the Homeless Subject Position
Filosofija-Sociologija 2019-04-04

Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and a Hierarchical Approach to Solving Logical Paradoxes
Filosofija-Sociologija 2019-04-04

The Transformation of Modern Causality in Heidegger’s Thought
Filosofija-Sociologija 2019-04-04

Equal Opportunities and Dignity as Values in the Perspective of I. Kant’s Deontological Ethics: The Case of Inclusive Education
Filosofija-Sociologija 2019-04-04

Power and Representation in Women’s Autobiographies
Filosofija-Sociologija 2018-12-31

Conflict Resolution on Discrimination: The Dichotomy of a Potential and Actual Action in Lithuania
Filosofija-Sociologija 2018-12-31

Constructing Historical Justice Discourse in Lithuanian and Russian Press in Lithuania: The Case of Holocaust
Filosofija-Sociologija 2018-12-31

The Distribution of EU-Funded Projects Relating to Social Policy in Lithuanian Municipalities in 2004–2006 and 2007–2013
Filosofija-Sociologija 2018-12-31

The Links of Self-perception of Lithuanians to Place: Insights Based on the Data of European Values Surveys (1990–2017)
Filosofija-Sociologija 2018-12-31

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