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Gender Differences in Emotional Reactions to the First 2016 Presidential Debate
Political Behavior 2019-05-23

Friends from Across the Aisle: The Effects of Partisan Bonding, Partisan Bridging, and Network Disagreement on Outparty Attitudes and Political Engagement
Political Behavior 2019-05-22

Exposure to Immigration and Admission Preferences: Evidence from France
Political Behavior 2019-05-14

Distorting the News? The Mechanisms of Partisan Media Bias and Its Effects on News Production
Political Behavior 2019-05-14

The Democratic Consequences of Anti-immigrant Political Rhetoric: A Mixed Methods Study of Immigrants’ Political Belonging
Political Behavior 2019-05-02

Racial Isolation Drives Racial Voting: Evidence from the New South Africa
Political Behavior 2019-04-29

How Labor Unions Increase Political Knowledge: Evidence from the United States
Political Behavior 2019-04-29

Partisan Dehumanization in American Politics
Political Behavior 2019-04-08

Judicial Institutions and the Political Economy of Retirements
Political Behavior 2019-03-29

Partisanship, Political Awareness, and Retrospective Evaluations, 1956–2016
Political Behavior 2019-03-28

A Healthy Democracy? Evidence of Unequal Representation Across Health Status
Political Behavior 2019-03-20

Compassionate Democrats and Tough Republicans: How Ideology Shapes Partisan Stereotypes
Political Behavior 2019-03-07

Do Means of Program Delivery and Distributional Consequences Affect Policy Support? Experimental Evidence About the Sources of Citizens’ Policy Opinions
Political Behavior 2019-03-06

Religion, Sectarianism, and Democracy: Theory and Evidence from Lebanon
Political Behavior 2019-02-23

Motivated Reasoning, Public Opinion, and Presidential Approval
Political Behavior 2019-02-23

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