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Taking Fact-Checks Literally But Not Seriously? The Effects of Journalistic Fact-Checking on Factual Beliefs and Candidate Favorability
Political Behavior 2019-01-21

Contentious Activities, Disrespectful Protesters: Effect of Protest Context on Protest Support and Mobilization Across Ideology and Authoritarianism
Political Behavior 2019-01-17

Resistance to Position Change, Motivated Reasoning, and Polarization
Political Behavior 2019-01-16

Race, “Deservingness,” and Social Spending Attitudes: The Role of Policy Delivery Mechanism
Political Behavior 2019-01-10

What Goes with Red and Blue? Mapping Partisan and Ideological Associations in the Minds of Voters
Political Behavior 2019-01-09

“An Inherited Money Dude from Queens County”: How Unseen Candidate Characteristics Affect Voter Perceptions
Political Behavior 2019-01-09

Correction to: Mass Media and Electoral Preferences During the 2016 US Presidential Race
Political Behavior 2019-01-08

Economic Segregation and Unequal Policy Responsiveness
Political Behavior 2019-01-05

Mind This Gap, Too: Political Orientations of People with Disabilities in Europe
Political Behavior 2018-12-27

Grand Old (Tailgate) Party? Partisan Discrimination in Apolitical Settings
Political Behavior 2018-12-09

Attribute Affinity: U.S. Natives’ Attitudes Toward Immigrants
Political Behavior 2018-12-01

Residential Mobility Constraints and Immigration Restrictionism
Political Behavior 2018-11-30

Correction to: Taxing Higher Incomes: What Makes the High-Income Earners Consent to More Progressive Taxation in Latin America?
Political Behavior 2018-11-20

The More You Know: Voter Heuristics and the Information Search
Political Behavior 2018-11-17

Cue-Taking, Satisficing, or Both? Quasi-experimental Evidence for Ballot Position Effects
Political Behavior 2018-11-07

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