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Latest papers

Crowdsourcing geo-information on landscape perceptions and preferences: A review
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-01-15

Towards multifunctional land use in an agricultural landscape: A trade-off and synergy analysis in the Lower Fraser Valley, Canada
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-01-12

Valuing attributes of forest restoration in a semi-arid watershed
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-01-12

Social impacts of homelessness and long-term occupancy on national forests and grasslands: A national study of U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officers
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-01-10

The implications for visual simulation and analysis of temporal variation in the visibility of wind turbines
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-01-03

Multi-year comparison of the effects of spatial pattern of urban green spaces on urban land surface temperature
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-01-03

How suitable is entropy as a measure of urban sprawl?
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-01-03

Scaling relationship between CO pollution and population size over major US metropolitan statistical areas
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-01-02

Increasing local biodiversity in urban environments: Community development in semi-natural species-rich forb vegetation
Landscape and Urban Planning 2019-01-02

The “Green Belt Berlin”: Establishing a greenway where the Berlin Wall once stood by integrating ecological, social and cultural approaches
Landscape and Urban Planning 2018-12-31

Understanding the local impact of urban park plans and park typology on housing price: A case study of the Busan metropolitan region, Korea
Landscape and Urban Planning 2018-12-28

Does converting abandoned railways to greenways impact neighboring housing prices?
Landscape and Urban Planning 2018-12-21

How current lawn attributes affect choices concerning water conserving lawn options: An individualized choice experiment in Kelowna, British Columbia
Landscape and Urban Planning 2018-12-21

A GIS and object based image analysis approach to mapping the greenspace composition of domestic gardens in Leicester, UK
Landscape and Urban Planning 2018-12-18

Urban form and composition of street canyons: A human-centric big data and deep learning approach
Landscape and Urban Planning 2018-12-15

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