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Latest papers

Investigating exposure of the population to crash injury using a spatiotemporal analysis: A case study in Florida
Applied Geography 2019-02-15

Comparison of leaf-off and leaf-on combined UAV imagery and airborne LiDAR for assessment of a post-mining site terrain and vegetation structure: Prospects for monitoring hazards and restoration success
Applied Geography 2019-02-13

Modelling the spatial decision making of terrorists: The discrete choice approach
Applied Geography 2019-02-10

Temporal and spatial dynamics of falls among older pedestrians in Sweden
Applied Geography 2019-02-02

Distribution and richness of amphibians under different climate change scenarios in a subtropical region of South America
Applied Geography 2019-02-02

Geographic variation in osteoarthritis prevalence in Alberta: A spatial analysis approach
Applied Geography 2019-01-31

Mapping the agricultural drought based on the long-term AVHRR NDVI and North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) in the United States, 1981–2013
Applied Geography 2019-01-31

Land system evolution of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau under various development strategies
Applied Geography 2019-01-30

Spatial associations between household and community livelihood capitals in rural territories: An example from the Mahanadi Delta, India
Applied Geography 2019-01-30

Spatial and temporal patterns of violent crime in a Brazilian state capital: A quantitative analysis focusing on micro places and small units of time
Applied Geography 2019-01-23

Usability and usefulness of internet mapping platforms in participatory spatial planning
Applied Geography 2019-01-18

Natural surveillance characteristics of building openings and relationship to residential burglary
Applied Geography 2019-01-11

Topographic slope steepness and anthropogenic pressure interact to shape the distribution of tree cover in China
Applied Geography 2019-01-09

Methodology based on fine spatial scale and preliminary clustering to improve multivariate linear regression analysis of domestic water consumption
Applied Geography 2019-01-03

Would you share your home? The multifaceted determinants of preference for shared housing among young adults
Applied Geography 2018-12-29

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