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Latest papers

The geography of medical travel in India: Differences across states, and the urban-rural divide
Applied Geography 2019-04-18

Inequalities in job-related accessibility: Testing an evaluative approach and its policy relevance in Buenos Aires
Applied Geography 2019-04-18

Object-based image analysis to map local climate zones: The case of Bandung, Indonesia
Applied Geography 2019-04-08

Using crowdsourced fitness tracker data to model the relationship between slope and travel rates
Applied Geography 2019-04-04

Insights on the historical and emerging global land cover changes: The case of ESA-CCI-LC datasets
Applied Geography 2019-03-30

What geography can tell us? Effect of higher education on intimate partner violence against women in Uganda
Applied Geography 2019-03-28

Cultivating urban justice? A spatial exploration of urban gardening crossing spatial and environmental injustice conditions
Applied Geography 2019-03-27

Geographical heterogeneity in mountain grasslands dynamics in the Austrian-Italian Tyrol region
Applied Geography 2019-03-21

Changes in secondary vegetation dynamics in a context of decreasing deforestation rates in Pará, Brazilian Amazon
Applied Geography 2019-03-20

Understanding an emerging economic discourse through regional analysis: Blue economy clusters in the U.S. Great Lakes basin
Applied Geography 2019-03-20

Viticultural site selection: Testing the effectiveness of North Carolina's commercial vineyards
Applied Geography 2019-03-15

How firm heterogeneity affects foreign direct investment location choice: Micro-evidence from new foreign manufacturing firms in the Pearl River Delta
Applied Geography 2019-03-15

Geoparks and territorial identity: A study of the spatial affinity of inhabitants with UNESCO Geopark De Hondsrug, The Netherlands
Applied Geography 2019-03-13

Land cover transitions in the United States South: 2007–2013
Applied Geography 2019-03-10

Mapping relative social vulnerability in six mostly urban municipalities in South Africa
Applied Geography 2019-03-07

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