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Latest papers

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Armed Forces & Society 2019-03-18

The Environmental Consequences of Asymmetric War: A Panel Study of Militarism and Carbon Emissions, 2000–2010
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The Social Component of Resilience in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Utilizing Wartime Strategies to Solve Current Problems
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Civil–Military Patents and Technological Knowledge Flows Into the Leading Defense Firms
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What Is the Relationship Between Alliance and Militarized Conflict? Analysis of Reciprocal Causation
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Research Note: Community Service and Voting Among Veterans and Nonveterans Using a National Sample of College Undergraduates
Armed Forces & Society 2019-01-28

“The Soldier, the State, and the People—Costs and Benefits of Military Regimes”: Evaluating the Essay “Guns and Butter: Child Mortality and the Mediators of Militarization”
Armed Forces & Society 2019-01-18

Voting After Violence: How Combat Experiences and Postwar Trauma Affect Veteran and Voter Party Choices in Croatia’s 2003 Postwar Elections
Armed Forces & Society 2019-01-10

Military Know-Nothings or (At Least) Military Know-Somethings?: Knowledge of Defense Policy in Germany and Its Determinants
Armed Forces & Society 2018-12-17

The Corporate War Dead: New Perspectives on the Demographics of American and British Contractors
Armed Forces & Society 2018-12-06

New Body of Cohesion Research at a Macrolevel
Armed Forces & Society 2018-12-03

Micro-Sociology and New Wars: Visual Analysis of Terror Attacks During the “Intifada of the Individuals”
Armed Forces & Society 2018-11-29

The Digital Divide and Veterans’ Health: Differences in Self-Reported Health by Internet Usage
Armed Forces & Society 2018-11-22

Women’s Participation in the Jordanian Military and Police: An Exploration of Perceptions and Aspirations
Armed Forces & Society 2018-11-15

Theorizing Desecularization of the Military
Armed Forces & Society 2018-11-13

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