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The Meanings Soldiers Attach to Health and Their Impacts on Primary Health-Care Utilization and Avoidance in an Australian High-Risk Combat Unit
Armed Forces & Society 2019-06-03

Against a Bitter Pill: The Role of Interest Groups in Armed Forces Reform in Russia
Armed Forces & Society 2019-05-31

Military Service and Legislative Agendas: A Study of Legislators in Four States
Armed Forces & Society 2019-05-24

Exploring the Role of Depressive Symptoms, Service Members, and Spousal Demographic Characteristics on Military Spousal Employment
Armed Forces & Society 2019-05-21

Communities Serve: A Systematic Review of Need Assessments on U.S. Veteran and Military-Connected Populations
Armed Forces & Society 2019-05-21

Difficulties With Emotion Regulation in the Contemporary U.S. Armed Forces: Structural Contributors and Potential Solutions
Armed Forces & Society 2019-05-15

Retaining Women Air Force Officers: Work, Family, Career Satisfaction, and Intentions
Armed Forces & Society 2019-05-10

Revisiting the U.S. Navy Submarine Service Psychological Casualty Rate in World War II
Armed Forces & Society 2019-05-08

Essay: Common Fates, Common Goals—A Response to Cyr
Armed Forces & Society 2019-05-07

Leadership Acceptance Through the Lens of Social Identity Theory: A Case Study of Military Leadership in Afghanistan
Armed Forces & Society 2019-05-03

Concordance Civil–Military Relations in Ghana’s Fourth Republic
Armed Forces & Society 2019-04-22

What Factors Influenced Turkish Military Officers’ and NCOs’ Motivation to Serve Prior to the July 2016 Coup Attempt?
Armed Forces & Society 2019-04-12

Full-Spectrum Social Science for a Broader View on Cohesion
Armed Forces & Society 2019-04-11

Subtypes of Mental Health Stigma and Barriers to Care Among National Guard Personnel: Results of a Latent Class Analysis
Armed Forces & Society 2019-04-11

The U.S. Department of Defense and Its Torture Program
Armed Forces & Society 2019-04-09

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