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Bidirectional Socialization: An Actor-Partner Interdependence Model of Internet Self-Efficacy and digital Media Influence Between Parents and Children
Communication Research 2019-06-13

Latinx Immigrant Youth’s Indirect and Direct Disclosures About Their Family-Undocumented Experiences, Received Emotional Support, and Depressive Symptoms
Communication Research 2019-06-12

Evaluating the Scope and Theoretical Mechanisms of Person-Centered Social Support: The Case of the Comforting Computer Program
Communication Research 2019-06-10

Age Metastereotypes and the Content of Imagined Interage Conversations
Communication Research 2019-06-10

Exit Strategies in Interorganizational Collaboration: Setting the Stage for Re-Entry
Communication Research 2019-06-04

Hostile Media Perceptions of Friendly Media Do Reinforce Partisanship
Communication Research 2019-05-23

What Predicts Selective Exposure Online: Testing Political Attitudes, Credibility, and Social Identity
Communication Research 2019-05-21

Using Interorganizational Communication Networks to Predict Terrorist Attacks
Communication Research 2019-05-17

Deceptive Affection Across Relational Contexts: A Group Comparison of Romantic Relationships, Cross-Sex Friendships, and Friends With Benefits Relationships
Communication Research 2019-04-12

What’s in It for Them? Teens’ Differential Preferences for Types and Contexts of Televised Aggression
Communication Research 2019-03-18

Editor’s Note
Communication Research 2019-03-15

Obituary by Michael Elwood Roloff in Memory of Chuck Berger
Communication Research 2019-03-15

The Role of Relational Goals in Explicating Dyadic Emotional Communication Processes in Dispute Resolution: A Cross-Cultural Investigation
Communication Research 2019-03-13

Two Experiments Testing Order, Interaction, and Absolute Effects of Esteem Support Messages Directed Toward Job Seekers
Communication Research 2019-03-11

Situating Advice Response Theory in a Cultural and Relational Context: How Hispanic Adults Perceive Exercise Advice From Parents
Communication Research 2019-03-02

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