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Latest papers

Gender Differences in the Dating Experiences of African American Young Adults: The Challenge of Forming Romantic Relationships Within the Context of Power Imbalance
Youth & Society 2019-02-18

Under the Same Label: Adopted Adolescents’ Heterogeneity in Well-Being and Perception of Social Contexts
Youth & Society 2019-02-07

“My Hope Is . . . ”: A Hope-Based Typology of Homeless Youth
Youth & Society 2019-01-30

What Youth With Special Needs in Juvenile Justice Say About Reentry: Listening to Their Voice
Youth & Society 2019-01-29

An Evaluation of a School-Based Savings Program and Its Effect on Sexual Risk Behaviors and Victimization Among Young Ghanaians
Youth & Society 2019-01-25

Work and School in Young Adulthood: The Role of Personal Financial Responsibilities and Parental Social Support
Youth & Society 2019-01-23

Counternarratives of Youth Participation Among Black Girls
Youth & Society 2019-01-19

“I Know They Would Kill Me”: Abortion Attitudes and Experiences Among Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Youth & Society 2018-12-26

Parenting With a Substance Abuse History: The Moderating Role of Parenting Behaviors on Obesity and Internalizing Symptoms in Adolescence
Youth & Society 2018-11-29

Mentoring in Context: A Comparative Study of Youth Mentoring Programs in the United States and Continental Europe
Youth & Society 2018-11-27

Youth & Society 2018-11-26

Trauma and Early Adolescent Perceptions About Sex and Parenthood: The Mediating Role of Anger Regulation
Youth & Society 2018-11-23

“Safe” and “At-Risk”: Cyberbullying Victimization and Deviant Health Risk Behaviors in Youth
Youth & Society 2018-11-08

Adult and Community Influence on Sexual Experience Among First-, Second-, and Third-Generation Immigrant Youth
Youth & Society 2018-11-02

The Influence of Alcohol Intoxication on Adolescent Sexual Intercourse and Contraception Use
Youth & Society 2018-11-04

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