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Publisher: Elsevier
Founded in: 1970
URL: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/geoforum
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Category: Geography

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Latest papers

Transforming hydrosocial territories and changing languages of water rights legitimation: Irrigation development in Bolivia’s Pucara watershed
Geoforum 2019-04-19

Theorizing energy landscapes for energy transition management: Insights from a socioecological history of energy transitions in Bermuda
Geoforum 2019-04-17

Visualizing undisciplined environments: An introduction
Geoforum 2019-04-17

Competing claims over access to land in Rwanda: Legal pluralism, power and subjectivities
Geoforum 2019-04-17

More-than-human cities: Where the wild things are
Geoforum 2019-04-15

Revisiting social natures: People-elephant conflict and coexistence in Sri Lanka
Geoforum 2019-04-13

More-than-human government and the Tbilisi zoo flood
Geoforum 2019-04-12

The decline of American power and Donald Trump: Reflections on human rights, neoliberalism, and the world order
Geoforum 2019-04-12

Making “a racket” but does anybody care? A study of environmental justice access and recognition through the political ecology of voice
Geoforum 2019-04-12

Vacancy at the edges of the precarious city
Geoforum 2019-04-11

Challenges and contribution of indigenous geography: Learning with and for the Kaiowa-Guarani of South America
Geoforum 2019-04-09

Remaking China’s urban space of the spectacle: Mega-events, temporary growth, and uneven spatial transformation in Shanghai
Geoforum 2019-04-08

Thinking ontologically and making do with development: A response to Escobar
Geoforum 2019-04-08

Spaces of extraction and suffering: Neoliberal enclave and dispossession in Tete, Mozambique
Geoforum 2019-04-06

The urban material politics of decarbonization in Stockholm, London and San Francisco
Geoforum 2019-04-06

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