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Latest papers

International tourism and urban transformation in Old Havana
Erdkunde 2019-06-11

Evaluation of urban encroachment on farmland: a threat to urban agriculture in Peshawar City District, Pakistan
Erdkunde 2019-06-11

The Chinafication of Hollywood: Chinese consumption and the self-censorship of U.S. films through a case study of Transformers Age of Extinction
Erdkunde 2019-06-11

Geopolitics - Thick and Complex. A conversation with Gerard Toal
Erdkunde 2019-06-11

The multi-dimensionality of space - an analytical framework for the empirical investigation of the production of place
Erdkunde 2019-06-11

Introduction to the special issue: comparing local refugee regimes
Erdkunde 2019-03-28

Refugee Reception within a common European asylum system: looking at convergences and divergences through a local-to-local comparison
Erdkunde 2019-03-28

Disenfranchisement in the course of political reorganization. Accommodation and social assistance for asylum seekers in West Berlin and Hamburg, 1973-1982
Erdkunde 2019-03-28

‘Urban regimes’ and ‘migration regimes’: contradictions, connections and potentials
Erdkunde 2019-03-28

Making a difference - The accommodation of refugees in Leipzig and Osnabrück
Erdkunde 2019-03-28

Social contacts and networks of refugees in the arrival context - Manifestations in a large city and in selected small and medium-sized towns
Erdkunde 2019-02-01

Scalar politics in Philippine urban disaster management: reframing metropolitan governance for local resilience and sustainability
Erdkunde 2018-12-20

Exploring the socio-spatial inequalities of Airbnb in Sofia, Bulgaria
Erdkunde 2018-12-20

Landscapes and soils of North Sea barrier islands: a comparative analysis of the old West and young East of Spiekeroog Island (Germany)
Erdkunde 2018-11-15

Changing workplaces in the creative process in creative industries – the case of advertising and music
Erdkunde 2018-11-14

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