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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1964
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Association: British Cartographic Society
• 69/82 in Geography (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Geography

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Latest papers

Enhanced Conceptual Model for Spatial References in Works of Fiction: Mapping Vilnius Literature
Cartographic Journal 2019-06-12

Military Cartography of WWII: The British Geographical Section of the General Staff and the US Army Map Service and their Production of the Topographic Map Series of the Balkans (1939–1945)
Cartographic Journal 2019-06-10

Cartographic Symbol Design Considerations for the Space–Time Cube
Cartographic Journal 2019-05-29

TIN-based Tag Map Layout
Cartographic Journal 2019-04-01

A Cartographic Analysis of Matrakci Nasuh's Miniatures
Cartographic Journal 2019-03-29

Semantic Visual Variables for Augmented Geovisualization
Cartographic Journal 2019-03-20

Cutting the Cord: A Corrective for World Navels in Cartography and Science
Cartographic Journal 2019-03-11

Cartograms for Use in Forecasting Weather-Driven Natural Hazards
Cartographic Journal 2019-02-20

The Impact of Global/Local Bias on Task-Solving in Map-Related Tasks Employing Extrinsic and Intrinsic Visualization of Risk Uncertainty Maps
Cartographic Journal 2018-12-15

Cartographic Design and the Space–Time Cube
Cartographic Journal 2018-12-15

Effectiveness of Dynamic Point Symbols in Quantitative Mapping
Cartographic Journal 2018-12-10

A Similarity-Based Approach for Improving the Efficiency of Drawing Spatiotemporal Point Features
Cartographic Journal 2018-11-24

Smart Cartographic Background Symbolization for Map Mashups in Geoportals: A Proof of Concept by Example of Landuse Representation
Cartographic Journal 2018-11-20

An Artificial Bee Colony-based Algorithm to Automatically Create Colour Schemes for Geovisualizations
Cartographic Journal 2018-11-20

Map Symbols for Crisis Mapping: Challenges and Prospects
Cartographic Journal 2018-11-20

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