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Publisher: Schweizerbart
Founded in: 1924
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• 45/85 in Anthropology (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Anthropology

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Latest papers

Stature estimation from the combination of clavicle, scapula, and sternum from 3D-VRT images in Chinese population
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2019-02-25

Comparison of dental and chronological age based on CBCT-generated panoramic images and reconstructed 3D images
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2019-01-15

Influence of socioeconomic factors during adolescence on the menarcheal age in Central Poland girls
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2019-01-15

A comparative study on the statistical modelling for the estimation of stature in Korean adults using hand measurements
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2019-01-15

Suitability of growth standards for growth monitoring in children with genetic diseases
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2019-01-15

BMI at menarche and timing of growth spurt and puberty in Polish girls – longitudinal study
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2019-01-15

Cognitive functions, emotions and personality in woman with fibromyalgia
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2018-12-01

Age at maturation, body structure and their relationship with socioeconomic factors
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2018-12-01

Projectile, blunt, or sharp force trauma? A facial lesion on a Bronze Age skull from Uglemose, Denmark
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2018-11-30

Dispersion, colonization and phenotypic structure of prehistoric human populations of the Andes of North-Western Argentina
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2018-11-30

To kill or be killed: the coup de grâce for a warrior after multiple sword wounds
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2018-11-30

A time of change: dietary reconstruction of the Merovingian cemetery of Norroy-le-Veneur, France
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2018-11-13

The association of psychosomatic health with physical status and lifestyle factors in adolescence
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2018-11-13

Post-factum autopsy to confirm cardiac structures visible on computed tomography images of Korean mummies: the radiological basis of paleo-cardiology
Anthropologischer Anzeiger 2018-11-13

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