Scholars (Luxembourg)

The following lists authors with affiliations in Luxembourg who have published in a sample of SSCI-indexed journals since 1 January 2020 until now (last update: 01 January 2022). Note: Only scholars (and their co-authors) who have deposited their ORCID alongside their publications, and only those publications that have the respective ORCIDs saved in the metadata, are counted. All metadata, including the ones regariding the affiliation and its country, are taken from CrossRef. The data are thus necessarily incomplete in many ways. For fuller records, please contact the authors themselves or use curated and/or comprehensive databases (such as LENS).

Most Publications

# Scholar Publications
1 Luxembourg David Howarth 7
2 Luxembourg Josip Glaurdić 4
  Luxembourg Michal Mochtak 4
4 Luxembourg Markus Hesse 3
  Luxembourg Christophe Lesschaeve 3
  Luxembourg Gerald Taylor Aiken 3
7 Luxembourg Frédéric Durand 2
8 Luxembourg Elisabeth Holl 1
  Luxembourg Stylianos A. Sotiriou 1
  Luxembourg André Melzer 1
  Luxembourg Angela R. Cunningham 1
  Luxembourg Estelle Evrard 1
  Luxembourg Christian Schulz 1
  Luxembourg Gary Robinson 1
  Luxembourg Javier Olivera 1
  Luxembourg Antoine Decoville 1
  Luxembourg Guillaume Drevon 1
  Luxembourg Machteld Venken 1
  Luxembourg Pierre M Picard 1
  Luxembourg Dirk A. Zetzsche 1
  Luxembourg Mike Zapp 1
  Luxembourg Ruben Ros 1
  Luxembourg Antoine Paccoud 1
  Luxembourg Christophe Sohn 1
  Luxembourg Lorenzo Vianelli 1

Most Co-Authors

# Journal Co-Authors
1 Luxembourg Gerald Taylor Aiken 8
2 Luxembourg David Howarth 3
  Luxembourg Michal Mochtak 3
4 Luxembourg Markus Hesse 2
  Luxembourg Christophe Lesschaeve 2
  Luxembourg Josip Glaurdić 2
7 Luxembourg Elisabeth Holl 1
  Luxembourg André Melzer 1
  Luxembourg Antoine Decoville 1
  Luxembourg Christophe Sohn 1

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